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Birds of a Feather...

Dan is a life long fan of Baltimore sports teams.  He learned to love football by going to Baltimore Colts games with father, sitting on the cold benches of Memorial Stadium. He even worked for the Colts for a short period while in college, running errands for the assistant general manager. When the Colts left Baltimore in 1983 it left a hole that was not filled until 13 years later when the Ravens arrived in 1996.

Dan quickly embraced the Ravens and has celebrated both of their Super Bowls in their relatively young existence. Beginning in 2009, Dan began emailing his thoughts on upcoming games to an ever-growing list of subscribers.

Dan’s readers enjoy the fact that he calls it like he see it and brings the insights of someone who watches each game two or three or maybe even four times. While journalistic in his approach, he is not ashamed of being a passionate Fan.

His main dislikes are Zebras, the Steelers, and Tom Brady.  If you read this blog you’ll already know this.

You won’t see Dan at tailgates or at M&T stadium. He watches most games at home with his family. But he loves the games just as much as the cheering crowds.

He is a proud father of six children and an even prouder grandfather of two grandchildren.  His happiest days are when all of them join him to watch the game.

Go Ravens!

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