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November 1, 2015 – Chargers – Recap

The Ravens finally get a win and find a way to prevail in the final minutes.  When Rivers got the ball with 4 ½ minutes left and started to moving down the field with great ease – I had that sick feeling in my stomach that we were going to give up 7 points and then flounder with the ball with the remaining time.  But the defense while not stellar found a way to keep them to just 3 points and the Ravens were fortunate to have enough time to get down the field for a field goal.  So happy that the Ravens got a win going into the bye week  and the break comes at a good time to let these guys rest and to get time to heal.  Sadly today, we have lost Steve Smith for the season and that is going to be a tough one to overcome.  The one positive though is you get a chance to see these other receivers and you will get a better feel for what you have left.  Other thoughts on the game are below:


  • Ravens special teams was outstanding today – Sam punted over 60 yards per/Tucker flawless/Coverage solid/blocked FG attempt  = GAME BALL
  • Flacco had a good game (25 of 37) and made some beautiful throws and fortunately didn’t throw a pick today
  • Can somebody help explain to me how it is that we ran just 6 times in the first half of the game against the 31st ranked run defense
  • The O Line did a pretty good job protecting Joe today but they really lacked any push in the run game for the most part
  • Aiken looks to be the new go to guy now that Smith is out, oh and Marlon Brown (saying it again) is a wasted roster spot but glad that he hardly played today
  • Our pass rush is so bad and to think that the Chargers had so many replacements on their O line makes it even more pathetic
  • I know our secondary is bad, but seriously there are so many passes caught across the middle of the field that are not contested it makes you wonder
  • Kyle Arrington is really awful, not sure what his PFF score will be this week – but he may have a career low score
  • The PI call on Webby was horrible call – so glad the Ravens fans booed for 5 minutes straight
  • The PF call on Will Hill for playing football was a joke too
  • The Ravens defense is desperately lacking team speed and it shows up almost every week when you watch these other teams run by us
  • I hope Zuttah is not seriously hurt, because John Urschel snaps the ball like a little girl
  • Will Hill and Kendrick Lewis are always good for giving up a big play – 3rd and 10 and they leave Floyd wide open for a 70 yard bomb
  • John Harbaugh’s challenge of the pass to Crocket was a real head scratcher
  • Hurst got man handled today and really struggled in his protection for most of the game
  • When Webby is on his game he is, in spite of being small, one of the better open field tacklers on the team
  • Our defense is not covering or accounting for RBs coming out of the backfield – so frustrating see teams get such easy yardage and often 1st downs
  • Getting the first down on 4th and 2 was a huge play for the Ravens an ultimately got them 7 points
  • Officiating in the NFL this year has been really poor, and unfortunately for the Ravens they have had some of the worst of it



Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 27 Chargers 31 Ravens 29 Chargers 26
Turnovers Minus 1 Even
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 95 Chargers 77 Ravens 72 Chargers 81
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 247 Chargers 339 Ravens 293 Chargers 290



Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Keenan Allen leads all receivers with 10 rec/121 yards Incorrect, 5 rec for 35 yards – but he was hurt and left the game early
  • Ravens O Line get charged for 4 penalties I believe there were 3, one movement and 2 holds
  • Jimmy Smith gets an interception Incorrect
  • Refs make terrible calls Correct, I could probably point out at least 6 or 7 horrible calls


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Ravens lose another one in the final minutes
  • Secondary falters again in home loss


Keys to the Game

  • Pressure Rivers and get him off his spot and out of rhythm Nope, one sack all day and for the most part he had time
  • Dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides Nope, the Ravens could not run for most of the game
  • For the love of God generate a turnover Nope, another 4 quarters without a turnover



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