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October 2, 2015 – Steelers – Recap

Ravens pull off a minor miracle in beating the Steelers in Pittsburgh in overtime.  Just when you thought all was lost Flacco with seconds left in the game moves down the field to get within field goal range to tie the game.  Then in OT – The Ravens proved last night that if you have a pro bowl kicker and great punter you have the clear advantage in these close games.  I saw something last night I had not seen before, and that was the look of fear and worry in Mike Tomlin’s eyes.  Seriously, I have never seen him look so nervous on the sidelines.  Tomlin did not have his best night coaching and his two failed 4th down attempts hurt them, especially when he passed up an opportunity to win the game with a field goal.  In my opinion, even with the misses, you have to send Scobee out there to win it.  So glad that Tomlin flinched and went for the first down.  Other observations on the game below:


  • Flacco had a rough night with an INT, fumble, missed snap and myriad of dud throws on short routes, BUT came through in the 11th hour
  • I love Campanaro and his TD run was brilliant – I just wish he could play for more than 5 minutes without getting injured.  Opinion – short career
  • Brandon Williams is having an amazing year – he is flat out disruptive in the middle and maybe the best talent on that defense
  • The defensive veterans played very well last night – both Dumervil and Daryl Smith were physical and active all night long – led the team in tackles
  • Will Hill showed a glimpse of his potential last night with some very good open field tackles – let’s hope that this solid play continues
  • Marlon Brown sucks (drops and T-Rex arms) and it would not surprise me if he moves down in the depth chart – Now Aiken looked pretty good
  • Tucker 3 for 3 (40, 42 & 52) in a tough stadium, Koch 4 punts with a 51 yard average – Special Teams are so important in these close games
  • The Ravens 4 sacks while promising is misleading because at least three of them were coverage sacks – Vick had plenty of time to throw last night
  • Best defensive play of the night was Wagner’s open field tackle on Cockrell on his interception
  • I was ok with the fake FG call, I just didn’t like personnel that they used to make it happen – the whole play (including Boyle) looked like it was in slo mo
  • I like Kyle Juicebox, but seriously he has to know better – his late hit on kick off was just flat out horrible and probably cost us 3 points
  • The Ravens pass protection needs to do a much better job with responding to the blitz packages – too many guys coming in untouched
  • Lawrence Timmons had an incredible game last night and appeared to be in every pile – he recorded 10 tackles and 1 assists – wow!
  • I know it was Vick playing – but holding Antonio to 42 yards is something to be proud
  • It is amazing how much better the Ravens look when the run the ball effectively – albeit the Steelers are not that stout on defense
  • I absolutely hate that the Ravens cannot get 2 yards running on three attempts in close situations – so frustrating
  • Often you see teams in the NFL have linemen or RBs push a short run attempt from behind to get them the extra yardage, but I never see the Ravens do that
  • The secondary looked so much better last night and I am hope they can build on that
  • This Boyle kid looks tough and given that he is 3rd on the depth chart you have to like our future with the tight end group
  • Winning a game when Smith had only 24 yards on the night is remarkable and a good sign – because teams are going to try to neutralize him


Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 19 Steelers 24 Ravens 23 Steelers 20
Turnovers Minus 1                     Minus 2
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 76 Steelers 98 Ravens 191 Steelers 167
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 276 Steelers 309 Ravens 165 Steelers 96


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Ravens OL accounts for 5 penalties and gives up 3 sacks Nope, one penalty and 5 sacks
  • Antonio Brown leads all receivers with 11 receptions and 151 yards Nope, Brown had only 5 receptions for 42 yards
  • Postgame hand shake between Harbaugh & Tomlin is awkward Nope, brief but cordial – no funny stuff whatsoever
  • Refs make terrible calls Only 8 flags which I loved, but on Aiken’s TD reception he was molested on the way


Possible Friday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Ravens woes continue
  • Ravens blow another 4th quarter lead


Keys to the Game

  • Contain Steelers receiving corps and avoid giving up big plays Correct, less than 100 yards receiving and their longest pass was 18 yards
  • Establish the run game and set up the play action Correct, Forsett carried the rock 27 times for 150 yards
  • Play clean football and avoid untimely penalties Correct, and the Steelers did not get key first downs by Ravens penalties



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