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October 29, 2015 – Chargers – Pregame

The Ravens are the first team in NFL history to lose 6 of their first 7 games by no more than one score, a distinction that I am sure they would prefer not to hold.  After back to back West Coast road games the Ravens are finally back home this week.  The Bolts come into town boasting the league’s number one offense averaging 430 yards per game along with a league lead in passing at 344 yards per game.  This does not present the best match up for the Ravens who are ranked 25th in defense and 28th against the pass.  In spite of this harsh reality the Ravens have been able to grind out these games and somehow make them 4th quarter contests.  For reasons unknown to me it seems that the Ravens cannot catch a break this year.  In addition to an overall poor performance – they have had setbacks on every level some of which have included: injuries to key players, terrible calls from the refs, fumbles that bounce the wrong way, a horrendous schedule, equipment malfunctions and just overall bad luck.  All this said, you have to put that behind as you prepare for the coming game.  The Ravens are due for some things to break their way, but even if that should happen this week it may not be enough to be beat the high flying offense that Phillip Rivers will bring on Sunday.  To be fair, the Chargers are a pretty weak team as well but I think they have more offensive weapons than the Ravens and they are healthier.  Vegas has the Chargers by 3 which sounds about right.  Enjoy the game and stay thirsty my friends.


 San Diego Chargers hosted by the Baltimore Ravens – Sunday Afternoon, November 1st at 1:00 PM  Odds – Chargers by 3  




Game Predictions
Score Ravens 27 Chargers 31
Turnovers Minus 1
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 95 Chargers 77
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 247 Chargers 339


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Keenan Allen leads all receivers with 10 rec/121 yards
  • Ravens O Line get charged for 4 penalties
  • Jimmy Smith gets an interception
  • Refs make terrible calls


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Ravens lose another one in the final minutes
  • Secondary falters again in home loss


Keys to the Game

  • Pressure Rivers and get him off his spot and out of rhythm
  • Dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides
  • For the love of God generate a turnover



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