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Ravens/Dolphins Post Game Recap

The Ravens got out of the gate early and drew first blood with 34 yard strike to Jeremy Maclin. They were up by 20 points going into halftime and you had the feeling that this game was over. This was a decisive win for the Ravens who pitched a shutout and dominated from the beginning. They get back to 500 and keep their season relevant for another week. Other comments on the game below.

  • First play from scrimmage the Dolphins running back Ajayi has his longest run of the season (21 yards) in part because the Ravens missed the tackle at the line of scrimmage – but he would gain only 2 more yards on the next 12 carries
  • Ravens run defense did an awesome job and held the Dolphins to 45 rushing yards and kept them in check which is hopefully the beginning of improving their run defense
  • Coach Pees and the Ravens defense did a better job on defense disguising their rushers especially in the first half
  • Sam Koch had a busy day as was expected but because he had the bigger leg he helped the Ravens with field position throughout the game
  • The Flacco to Maclin 34 yard TD pass was a thing of beauty and if you watched it closely you will see Maclin separate from the receiver in the last 4 steps to make the TD catch
  • 3rd and 2 and the Ravens pass for a one yard loss. When do you say to your OC that you are not going to do that anymore – seriously it has to stop
  • Alex Collins continues to impress with his dynamic running style gaining 113 yards on 18 carries – so glad he took up Irish dancing
  • Jimmy Smith missed a golden opportunity for an INT in the 2nd quarter but he didn’t miss his next opportunity in the 4th quarter
  • Alonzo should have been disqualified from the game for that dirty hit on Flacco.   Flacco had given himself up and Alonzo went for the head. While the Refs did nothing, I am fairly certain and hopeful that the league will suspend him for at least a game
  • Tucker makes a 55 yard FG look easy – this guy is flat out crazy good The Ravens defense looked pretty good against the worst ranked offense in the league. Let’s see how they look going forward against better teams
  • Suggs looked good tonight and played with a lot of energy, and he seems to play his best when you have the bright lights
  • You have to love the fight in Ryan Jensen for going after Alonzo after the dirty hit which he got away with from the Refs
  • There was no love lost between the Ravens and the Dolphins tonight and it was a chippy game throughout
  • Stanley, who has played pretty clean football this season, had a bad game committing a three penalties one of which cost a big gainer
  • Hopefully those silly fans out there that are always clamoring for Mallet to replace Flacco have finally seen the light
  • Yet another Ravens game where they burn 2 time outs for bad clock management – need to get better at that
  • Ravens running game was pretty solid and they did it against one of the better run defenses in the league
  • Bowser who only had a handful of snaps tonight managed to get a few penalties, he won’t get more snaps with that kind of play
  • Ravens receivers continue to struggle with the dropsies which has to be discouraging for the coaches
  • Ravens running game up the middle was impressive when you consider that the defense knew it was coming
  • Miami Dolphins lost their composure tonight and embarrassed themselves
  • Suh is a dirty player and I one day that it ends up costing him dearly
  • Congrats to the O line who did not give up a sack against some of the best in the sack business
  • Brandon Williams was stout in the middle and a big part of the defensive prowess for this game
  • I really like Tony Romo in the booth and I think he is doing a great job especially considering this is his first year doing broadcast
  • Tonight’s 40 to 0 win is the largest margin of victory for the Ravens
Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 16 Dolphins 17 Ravens 40 Dolphins 0
Turnovers Even
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 80 Dolphins 101 Ravens 174 Dolphins 45
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 171 Dolphins 181 Ravens 122 Dolphins 151

Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Thursday Night Football records its lowest TV ratings since starting in 2006 – Not sure, but it should have been
  • Ndamukong Suh dominates Ravens O line recording 3 sacks – Incorrect! No sacks
  • Justin Tucker hits two 50+ yard field goals  –   Nope, only one over 50
  • Refs make terrible calls  –   Correct, missed a face mask and at least 3 PI calls

Keys to the Game

  • Establish the passing game to open up the running attack – Nope, didn’t need to because the running game was productive
  • Pressure Moore and create some mistakes – Correct, Mosley’s pick six double sealed the game and Jimmy Smith’s pick six made it a blow out
  • Don’t give up any big plays – Correct, they kept the game in front of them


  1. Jason Wells says:

    If nothing else, it helps to re-establish some game swagger in the locker room. It’s equally important to recognize that they played a team with an anemic offensive (obviously) and pathetic defense (again, case in point by the score). Nonetheless, it helps to inspire some confidence that decisive victories are possible.

  2. Pat G says:

    I also liked Romo in the booth. He called people out and wasn’t stiff in his analysis. Sounded like a regular guy that someone gave a mic.

  3. Chuck Ferraro says:

    Dan, typical well balanced analysis and not over the top as one great game does not make a trend. It will be interesting to see what the league does with the hit on Flacco. I’ll take the unpopular view on this one and say that Joe slid late and looked like he was going for the first down until the very last minute. The penalty was certainly appropriate, but I don’t agree that it was flagrant. Obviously the defender does not have the luxury of evaluating the situation in slow motion and multiple replays. Also, this guy does not have a reputation for dirty play. I wouldn’t suspend him, but we’ll see what happens. Nice job as always.

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