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11/27/17 Texans Pregame

After getting a much needed win on the road against the “Roger less” Packers the Ravens come home to take on the much beleaguered Houston Texans. The Ravens stand at 5 wins and 5 losses, and with 6 games remaining in the schedule it is clearly now or never for them to make a run for one of the wild card spots. If they can’t beat this Texans team which is missing so many key players then they don’t really belong in the wild card discussion anyway. Remember several weeks ago when TreBiscuit led the Bears over the Ravens while completing just 8 passes for 113 yards. A very regrettable home loss. Point here, the Ravens are a team that can take nothing for granted. They have to play well under the lights and take care of their business. Let’s take a quick look at the remaining schedule and make some predictions.

Houston Texans – Ravens Favored by 7 at home and should win this one      Record 6 – 5

Detroit Lions – Ravens will likely be favored or perhaps a pick em game and Ravens win this in a close one       Record 7 – 5

Pittsburgh Steelers – Steelers at home will be favored and will win this one completing the divisional sweep       Record 7 – 6

Cleveland Browns – Ravens will be favored and will beat the Browns on the road in an uncomfortably close game       Record 8 – 6

Indianapolis Colts – Ravens at home will be favored and will win      Record 9 – 6

Cincinnati Bengals – Ravens at home will be favored by 3 and will lose      Ravens finish the season at 9 – 6

So if this holds true the question would be is 9 and 6 enough to get in? It could be – time will tell. Ravens are playing just their second home Monday Night Game since Harbaugh took over the team 10 years ago. For some reason the League has been stingy with giving the Ravens home MNF games. The Ravens like the bright lights and we should see a pretty fired up crowd for the game which likely be loud and menacing for Tom Savage who is their 2nd string QB filling in for Watson. It is amazing how many 2nd string QBs we have faced this year.

The Ravens need to come out fast in this game and push the ball down the field. They need to score early and play with the lead. The Ravens defense needs to stop Miller and Foreman who combined have given the Texans the 6th best running game in the NFL. They also need to double team DeAndre Hopkins who is their only real threat in the receiving game, and who is one of the best in the league. The Ravens offense will have to try and run against one of the best run defenses which means our OC cannot be so predictable. Flacco needs to play with some speed and avoid always going to the check down. Less dink and dunk and more slants downfield routes. The O line will have their hands filled Clowney and when he lines up on the right we will need to give Hurst some help, otherwise Flacco will get his leg broken. Stanley looks like he should be back this week (fingers crossed) which will be a huge boost to the line. While the Texans have a subpar secondary based on past experiences there is nothing to suggest that Flacco will be able to exploit it. He simply is not having a good year and is not improving as the year progresses. He seems to have a bad case of the “yips” which he can’t shake. In spite of the good, the bad and the ugly this should be a game that the Ravens take control of early and maintain. The odds makers have the Ravens by 7 and that seems about right to me. In other news if you didn’t see it, Ryan Mallet got called for Unsportsmanlike conduct in the Packers game and cost the Ravens 15 yards. This week he was fined $12,000 for the offense, and this for a guy who never saw the field in the game – C’mon man! Enjoy the game and stay thirsty my friends.

Houston Texans hosted by the Baltimore Ravens – Monday, November 27th @ 8:30 PM Odds – Ravens by 7

Game Predictions
Score Ravens 23 Texans 16
Turnovers Plus 2
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 92 Texans 109
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 199 Texans 171

Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Woodhead gets his first TD of the season
  • Judon gets a sack
  • Campanaro gets off a good punt return of 25 plus
  • Refs make terrible calls

Possible Tuesday morning headlines

  • Defense is savage in win over Texans
  • Ravens offense stumbles but gets enough to win the day

Keys to the Game

  • Stop the running game and force them to throw
  • Open up the offense and work to get more chunk plays
  • Win the turnover battle and you win!

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  1. Pat G says:

    Nice write up. I like seeing how we get to 9-6. We feel like a 9-6 seen or possibly a 6-9 team.

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