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Ravens/Texans Post Game Recap

Ravens take care of business by holding home court but they don’t look great in doing so. If not for the great special teams play and the strong defensive effort which forced 3 turnovers – this game could have easily gone the other way. Flacco passed for a paltry 141 yards, and he had all his receivers playing against one of the lesser (Ranked 26th) secondaries in the league. The offense is dreadful and shows absolutely no signs of improving. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with the win but this kind of game does not give me big hope for the future of this season. Other thoughts on the game are:

  • Ravens first possession is 3 and out, Texans first possession is a 90 yard touchdown drive
  • Clowney is a premier talent and he gave the Ravens a fit with his speed and power – this guy will be a gamer for years to come
  • Matt Judon is apparently deaf because he threw the player down 5 seconds after the whistle and it cost the team dearly with a 15 yard PF penalty and a continued Texan drive
  • For some reason the Ravens often give up a lot of yards on their first series and tonight was no exception letting the Texans move with ease down the field
  • The 1st quarter PI call on Brandon Carr was not a good call and the flag should not have been thrown – a key penalty that helped keep that first Texan drive alive
  • Penalties (7 for 89 yards) hurt the Ravens in this game and cost them dearly on some of the drives – and the defense was the big culprit for most of them
  • Special Teams continue to be a key strength for the Ravens and keep them in games, often helping them with field position throughout the contest
  • Why why why why do the Ravens throw swing passes, and dunks that lose yardage – it is absolutely insane to see this week after week. I will bet you money that the Ravens lead the league in negative yardage pass plays
  • The M&T Boo birds heckled the Ravens offense just 9 ½ minutes into the game which tells you how frustrated the fans are becoming with this offense
  • The O line had trouble getting any push against this Texans front 7, but they did a decent job in pass protection
  • James Hurst got shoved around on the O line like he was child in a man’s game. Ravens desperately need to upgrade this group in the offseason
  • Sam Koch made the best throw of the night on his pass to Chris Moore on the punt fake – seriously it was!
  • Alex Collins had no running lanes but still managed to grind out some yards and make the most of the few holes that he found
  • Flacco was not sharp and missed targets throughout the night, but he did he use his legs and generated 42 yards on the ground
  • On 4th and 1 the pitch out to Collins was a brilliant call that delivered a huge play that led to another TD
  • Ravens defense struggled to get pressure on Savage but they did a nice job blocking passes at the line of scrimmage
  • CJ Mosely uncharacteristically fails to bring the RB down on a 3rd and long situation giving up the first down and keeping their drive alive and an eventual score
  • The PF call on Canady was a joke – even the announcers both agreed
  • La’Darius Smith had a clean and unblocked shot at Savage but at the last minute thought to drop back in coverage and then slipped to the ground – C’Mon man
  • The Ravens secondary was out of synch in this game and had several missed coverages – not sure why there was so much confusion but the Texans receivers were wide open throughout the game
  • Perriman suited up and played and was non-factor in the game – 3 Targets/ 0 completions
  • Flacco did not look sharp tonight and the receivers didn’t seem to be on the same page on routes and comebacks
  • The Buck Allen run up the middle with the giant scrum to the end zone was a great play to watch and was capped off with Jensen diving on the pile
  • The gunner for the Texans punt team was apparently unblockable not to mention the fastest man on the planet
  • Wallace missed a long pass that went right through his hands – which just continues to prove the point to me that the Ravens have no real play makers on the offensive side of the ball
  • In the Jimmy Smith versus De’Andre Hopkins match up – you would have to say Hopkins came out on top by a land slide as he had 7 receptions for 125 yards
  • Ravens D line was tough again on the run and kept the Texans to 66 yards
  • The only decent receiver on the field for the Texans was Hopkins and for some reason the Weddle and Jefferson gave absolutely no help over the top for Smith and Carr
  • Maclin was on the field all night but was missing in action and seemed to check out mentally at times not completing his routes
  • After Texans score in the 4th, the Ravens receive the ball and have three straight plays with negative or no yards, and two of them were passes
  • Suggs is without question one of the best Ravens ever to suite up and after 15 years in the league is still very much an impact player – just amazing at his age
  • Flacco’s naked boot sweep was a brilliant call and perfectly executed
  • I think Flacco’s knee brace will be the end of him one day
Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 23 Texans 16 Ravens 23 Texans 16
Turnovers Plus 2 Plus 3
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 92 Texans 109 Ravens 139 Texans 66
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 199 Texans 171 Ravens 155 Texans 237

Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Woodhead gets his first TD of the season         Nope, not even close
  • Judon gets a sack         Nope, but he came close a few times
  • Campanaro gets off a good return         Nope – he was inactive
  • Refs make terrible calls         Correct – This flag happy crew made at least 5 bad calls

Possible Tuesday morning headlines

  • Ravens offense stumbles but gets enough to win the day

Keys to the Game

  • Stop the running game and force them to throw              Correct, kept them to 66 yards
  • Open up the offense and work to get more chunk plays           Nope, except for the Sam Koch pass
  • Win the turnover battle and you win!               Correct, plus 3 and it deliver the win

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  1. Peter Arconti says:

    You are so right about this offense. It is becoming more and more difficult to watch. If we make the playoffs we will go nowhere fast

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