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Ravens/Titans Post Game Recap

The Ravens came up short today and it was very much a team effort. Bad play calling ball, turnovers and inopportune penalties along with some poor performances led to a beat down in Tennessee. The Titans were ready and prepared for the Ravens today and out played the Ravens making them one dimensional on offense. Now at 4 wins and 5 losses you have to believe that this season is all but over the Ravens. Other comments on the game below:

  • The Titans came out of the gate quick on their first series and cut through the Ravens defense like a hot knife through butter but the Ravens were able to hold them to 3 points
  • Titans came in today’s game with just 5 sacks on the year – and today they got 2
  • The 4th down fake punt was a gutsy call and Sam’s throw to Chris Moore was a thing of beauty
  • I know that Perriman has elite speed and all that, but even on a fly pattern he doesn’t seem to get any separation from the defender which is to say his game speed must be throttled back. He is also good for a drop or two not to mention an interception off his hands. Just to be clear, I am going to rag on this guy until the Ravens admit that made a horrible draft choice in selecting him
  • Mariota had way too much time to throw today and to go through his progressions which left our secondary in a tough situation
  • The Ravens defense played pretty well in the 2nd half and kept the Ravens close as a result
  • Titans rush defense was stout today and kept Collins under control
  • Ravens found themselves in 3rd long too many times today and made for some tough sledding for the offense
  • Flacco’s decision making left something to be desired today at times and I don’t like all these high sailing passes which put his receivers at risk exposing their bodies to defenders
  • In the second quarter the Ravens went for it on 4th and 2 yard which I thought was a good call given where they were in the game. They did convert on the play even though the Refs gave a horrible spot on the run by Allen – fortunately a challenge got it overturned
  • Ravens O line got manhandled in the run game today with the Titans D line playing in the backfield much of the day
  • This is example on how penalties kill you – Bowser gets called for an illegal formation penalty on what was a 57 yard punt which then gets called back and kicked again – but this time for a 17 yard shank by Koch. I have said this before and it is worth repeating that you can’t have players on special teams that commit penalties
  • Titans who statistically were horrible in the red zone so far this year were 3 for 3 for TDs in their red zone opportunities today
  • The PF call on Za’Darius Smith was a horrendous call and gave the Titans a first down on the 5 yard line practically handing them 6 points – refs have to do better
  • Our coaches are too slow to react to the game conditions and for some reason Pees was adverse to sending more than 4 to rush Mariota which left him way too much time to find receivers
  • Really surprised that the Ravens didn’t try running on the edge when there was nothing available between the tackles
  • I don’t know if the NFL tracks this statistic, but I will bet you crazy money that the Ravens lead the league in completed passes for negative yards
  • With less than two minutes in the game Buck Allen catches the ball on the sideline and does not go out of bounds which cost the team about 20 seconds – C’mon Man!
  • In future games I am going to start counting how many times the Ravens, on 3rd and short situations, do not throw past the chains
  • Going for it with 4th and inches when you needed 10 points to tie made absolutely no sense to me especially when you had virtually no running game all day. Take the 3 points in that situation and make it a one score game instead they come up short and turn the ball over on downs
  • Note to Special Team’s Coach Rosburg and Justin Tucker – when executing an on-side kick the most important thing is making sure that the ball travels a minimum of 10 yards – which is to say that kicking trickery should take a back seat to execution. Ravens have not successfully executed a successful on-side kick since the late 1800s
Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 20 Titans 18 Ravens 20 Titans 23
Turnovers Plus 1 Minus 1
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 114 Titans 97 Ravens 73 Titans 70
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 187 Titans 179 Ravens 268 Titans 186

Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Mariota rushes 5 times for 41 yards – Nope, just one run of 7 yards
  • CJ leads Ravens defenders with 11 tackles – He didn’t get 11 but he led all Ravens with 6 tackles and assist
  • Alex Collins carries the ball 17 times for 90 yards – Nope, 13 carries for 43 yards
  • Refs make terrible calls – Correct, bad ball spots and bogus calls

Keys to the Game

  • Contain DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry – Correct, they combine for just 45 yards
  • Pressure Mariota and keep him in the pocket – don’t let him scamper – Nope, very little pressure from our front four albeit he didn’t run much
  • Play ball control offense while pounding the rock – Nope, couldn’t run well today and had a lot of short possessions
  • Score TD’s in the red zone – Nope, couldn’t convert in the 1st half which cost them dearly

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  1. Pat G says:

    At least Allen got a TD helping my fantasy team.

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