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Ravens/Bengals Post Game Recap

Win and you are in, snooze and you lose – today the Ravens snoozed. Sadly the Ravens fans were treated to a very difficult loss in what was another game where they couldn’t hold the lead. The Baltimore Ravens made enough mistakes to lose a game that they should have not lost. They played uninspired football in the first half and had too many missed opportunities. Coaches got out coached and players got out played. Bengals get the ball with 2:40 seconds and all you needed was a stop by your defense. Bengals on 4th and 12 had to convert and not only did they convert but they got a game winning TD to put the game on ice. The defense could not get the job done. The Ravens organization will spend next weekend in their lovely family rooms watching the Bills and Titans who took care of their business to advance. Other thoughts on the game are below:

  • Alex Collins 17 yard run for a TD in the 3rd quarter was one for the ages, running on 4th and 3 seemingly on the verge of getting caught for a loss – reverses field and outruns the pursuit for an amazing run
  • Even though there were only about 300 people at the game they sure did a decent job making noise
  • Game time temperature of 19 degrees was apparently too cold for the Ravens offense as they were O fer on 3rd down and collected just 61 yards of total offense in the first half
  • The Bengals first possession gauged the Ravens defense and cut through them like a hot knife through butter and 44 of those yards were on the ground
  • First quarter PI call on Carr was so ticky tacky – we seem to get at least one or two a game
  • You have to be impressed with the Bengal team and organization going on the road to finish the season with such effort and passion for a coach who is likely to be gone in the next few weeks. I am sure they are smiling big on their flight home back
  • I am still trying to reconcile how the worst rushing offense in the league ran up 147 yards *4.7 ypc) against the Ravens front seven
  • Drops today from Raven’s receivers include – Buck Allen, Mike Wallace(4), Alex Collins(2), Chris Moore (pick six), Ben Watson, Nick Boyle, and Patrick Picard – 11 drops is completely unacceptable
  • Ravens first four possessions come up empty, which produced one first down and was generally uninspired
  • All season long tight ends have been a challenge for the Ravens cover team and today was no exception – giving up over a 130 yards and 2 TDs to them
  • Dan Fouts who called the game for CBS did a poor job – bad analysis and seem to miss a lot of things
  • Joe Mixon had a big game for Cincy and appeared to be channeling Le’Veon Bell in his running style
  • Not sure if it was the wind or the cold ball, but Flacco was under throwing the long ball consistently today
  • When Collins struggles I don’t understand why they don’t mix in Allen for more carries
  • The Ravens losing this game will most certainly force Steve to make some changes in the off season. The talk shows are going to be flooded with angry fans calling for the head of Harbaugh, Pees and Morniheg. Pees is likely going to retire anyway but fans will want more changes
  • It is uncanny how many fumbles the Ravens have recovered this year and it doesn’t matter if we fumble or the opposition
  • Hats off the Bengals offensive line that manhandled the Ravens front four and gave Dalton plenty of time to find the open receiver
  • Carlos Dunlap owned the Ravens O line today and played in Flacco’s grill most of the game
  • Joe was not great today but boy he got no help from his receivers
  • Ravens have absolutely no pass rush from their front four – zilch, nada, zero
  • Brandon Carr almost had a pick six but it caromed off his hands, and Humphries has one in his hands as well – but unable to hold on
  • The Raven Special teams continue to be one of the big game changers for this team
  • Chris Moore came through big today with an awesome run back with seconds left in the half and then makes a nice catch on the next play for their first TD score. And then Chris Moore bungles a pass for a pick six – oh how the tables were turned for his day
  • Ben Watson had a number of key catches for the offense today and once he got involved in the game things started to turn around
  • Kudos to Ryan Jensen who seem to me to be the only person on offense who seemed interested in trying to catch the Bengal Denard on his pick off return
  • When you are third and anything and you don’t throw past the chains you are just plain and simply not playing smart football – if Coach Mornhinweg is responsible for these continued calls than he needs to go in the off season
  • Tony Jefferson stood out today and really laid the lumber on running plays
  • Campy had a nice game and when Moore went out due to concussion he was key part of helping the offense move the chains
    • One of my favorite plays of the game was Judon’s sack on Dalton on 3rd and 5 and he plants him
  • Mayle ‘s holding call on the punt is inexcusable and really put the Ravens deep in their territory
  • Vincent Rey must have had 3 or 4 injuries during the game all of which stopped play. I think they should have a 3 knock down rule like they have in boxing and call it a game for him
  • I completely disagree with Coach Pees rushing just four in the last series, they really needed pressure on Dalton who in the end skewered the Ravens secondary to end the game
Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 27 Bengals 23 Ravens 27 Bengals 31
Turnovers Plus 2 Even
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 130 Bengals 91 Ravens 118 Bengals 147
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 204 Bengals 201 Ravens 197 Bengals 212


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Collins and Allen combine for 30 carries for 125 yards     Close, 25 for 115 yards
  • Ravens burn 2 time outs because they don’t have a play ready       Shockingly no
  • Dalton scrambles and runs 6 times for 42 yards      Nope, he never ran not even once
  • Refs make terrible calls      Correct, and they got flag happy at the end of the game

Keys to the Game

  • Pressure Dalton like you did in game 1     Nope, just one sack
  • Contain A J Green and Bernard      Correct, Green was a not a factor and Benard had 52 yards
  • Win turnover battle      Nope, it was even, but the Bengals got a pick six which helped them get the win
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