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Ravens/Browns Post Game Recap

Ravens took care of business this afternoon dominating the Browns in their final road game. Ravens generated 4 turnovers today and except for a stutter step in the second quarter were in control throughout the game. The Browns suffered their 14th loss of the season but I must say in their defense that they have some good pieces in which to build upon. With this win the Ravens stay in the hunt for one of the wild card spots. Other thoughts on the game below:

  • The Ravens opening drive was nicely done with good balance of pass and run which burned over 6 minutes of clock, but ended in just 3 points
  • Ravens O line had some trouble picking up the free man in the Browns blitz packages but overall they did a nice job protecting Joe
    • Chris Moore had an untimely drop which would have been a key 3rd down conversion in the first quarter which you never like to see from one of you starters
  • Ravens defense did a nice job in the 1st quarter keeping the Browns to just minus 12 yards
  • PI call on Carr in the 1st quarter was yet another example of poor officiating and incredibly inconsistent across the league
  • Kizer is an impressive athlete but he has to work on his decision making as he continues to make throws when he should eat the ball or throw it away
  • Not to take anything away from the Brown’s defense, but the Ravens on the 2 yard line have to score on 2nd and goal with two straight running plays. To further aggravate the situation they fail on 4th and goal giving the Browns a huge shift in momentum. On the very next play the Browns offense gets a 59 yard run by Crowell
  • Harbaugh got skewered by the announcers for going for it on 4th down in that situation – and quite frankly he deserved it – you have to take points when you are in the lead on the road
  • Cleveland’s first touchdown drive was 95 yards and was all on running plays – wow!
  • Joe Flacco’s quarterback draw was a beautiful play call and perfectly executed – the O line made a whole wide enough for Brandon Williams
  • After watching 2 straight games where the Ravens are unable to get any kind of pressure with their front four I am thinking that they need to get a legitimate pass rusher in next year’s draft
  • Judon had an impressive game with several tackles for a loss and a sack, and the hit that he put on Kizer running down the sidelines was a wicked shot
  • With just 59 seconds left in the half the Browns move down the field and score 3 points as time runs out for the half. Ravens defense, in particular their secondary, gave up way too many chunk plays and the pass rush was awful. You expect more from a Ravens defense
  •  Flacco to Watson pass was beautiful and gave the Ravens a 10 point lead
  • Cleveland’s kickoff return game was one of the better we have seen this year and gave the Ravens some trouble
  • The Browns front 4 dominated the Ravens O line on rushing plays often playing on our side of the line of scrimmage, but that was not case in the 4th quarter when Ravens ran very effectively
  • Sam Koch had another really good day punting pinning the Browns deep in their territory several times and at least 3 times inside the 5 yard line. Chris Moore is key to the coverage team often being the first on site to down the ball
  • There was a Perriman sighting today – mostly because of the injuries on the defensive side of the ball that left an opportunity for him to suite up
  • Flacco letting himself get sacked when the Ravens were in field goal range is absolutely unacceptable. If I was the OC I think I would call a running play next time in that situation just to make my point with him
  • Brandon Williams made one of the most brilliant plays of the game when he recovered the fumble on Smith’s strip sack and quickly moved the ball from the half yard line to the end zone side to get the 6 points – a pretty heady move in my opinion in the heat of the moment
    • Not sure what the attendance was for today’s game but boy did the stands look empty in Cleveland
  • Ravens are susceptible to giving up first downs on 3rd long which will have to be cleaned up if they make it to the playoffs
  • The Browns defense is punishing and when they tackle you they leave a bruise
  • Danny Woodhead has really been a great addition to the offense and his ability to get separation as well as his reliable hands has been a great help to Flacco
  • I would like to see the Ravens defense get back to swarm tackling as I see way too many plays where defensive players are on an island to bring down a running back or receiver
  • Willie Henry has to be smarter and know that you can’t drive a QB to the ground after he has thrown the ball
  • T-Sizzle was held all throughout the game and not one flag was thrown in his direction
  • Ravens converted on 3rd and 16 which is a positive sign for this offense
  • Mosley had a really good game today – better in pass coverage, physical at the point of attack and had a few pass blocks as well
  • Buck Allen had a very strong 4th quarter generating first downs and helping the Ravens shorten the game by burning clock. The Collins and Allen tandem is working very well and it is hard to imagine, unless of an injury, that West or Dixon will ever see any meaningful playing time in the future
  • I hope that Alex Collins is ok as he had his worst game of the season gaining just 1.6 yards per carry
Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 24 Browns 20 Ravens 27 Browns 10
Turnovers Plus 2 Plus 4
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 121 Browns 88 Ravens 97 Browns 130
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 242 Browns 239 Ravens 279 Browns 136

Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Collins carries the rock 17 times for 76 yards      Nope, 12 carries for 16 yards
  • Ravens commit 7 penalties for 68 yards      Close, 7 for 57 yards
  • Kizer runs 7 times for 51 yards      Close, 7 carries for 35 yards
  • Refs make terrible calls      Correct, and the catch by Johnson should have been overturned

Possible Monday morning headlines

  • One down, Two to go!

Keys to the Game

  • Win the turnover battle! Win the turnover battle!      Correct, 4 plus on the day
  • Contain Crowell and Gordon      Correct, No TDs and Gordon was under 50 yards on the day
  • Score 24 points or more      Correct, Ravens scored 27

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  1. Sharon Pollock says:

    Hahaha! Refs made terrible calls! My favorite prediction that always comes true!

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