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Ravens/Colts Post Game Recap

Congratulations to the Ravens who have guaranteed another winning season for the franchise. While this game left something to be desired on both sides of the ball, it was enough to get the job done on what was a windy and rain swept game. I would have loved for the Ravens to put this game away early but that was not to be the case as they took this game all the way down to the final minute and half. Other thoughts on the game are below.

  • Hats off to the Zebras who for the most part let them play today and also helped to keep the game moving along
  • Frank Gore ran the ball 17 times for 68 yards, but I swear sitting in the stands it seemed like he ran 25 times for 168 yards
  • The Ravens front four again did not getting any pressure on Brissett and he had plenty of time to throw. I will say this however, the front four did show up in the Colt’s final possession and they clearly amped up their effort
  • Special teams plays was really kind of strange tonight as they blocked a FG, game up a big kickoff return, and had a punt blocked which almost cost them a late fourth quarter tie. Tucker was perfect again, but Sam had an off day
  • The Ravens had several opportunities to intercept passes but came up empty.  The butter fingers list includes Canady, Weddle, Weddle 2, and Mosley
  • Play calling in the red zone was inconsistent for the Ravens and they had too many FGs which kept the game closer than it needed to be
  • I was impressed with the Colts who played all out tonight and never gave up the fight, and this for a team that has absolutely nothing to play for other than pride
  • Ravens offense had a lot of long clock burning drives which really kept the game moving
  • Collins had trouble between the tackles but had good yardage on the edges, but I didn’t see the play calling change to accommodate this success
  • Buck Allen was getting good yardage up the middle and I was surprised that they didn’t use him more given the success he was enjoying
  • Plain and simple if the Ravens play error free football they are likely to win games
  • Ravens had the ball almost 36 minutes in this game which is great for your defense
  • I thought both Mosley and Peanut had subpar games and seemed unable to get off their blocks to stop the run
  • Flacco missed a couple passes one of which could have been a TD, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt as the ball was slick and the wind was pretty strong
  • Would have liked to see the Ravens throw a long bomb or two but they never took a shot down field
  • Suggs had two offside penalties – shame on you Sizzle!
  • Campanaro almost gave up a fumble on a punt return that he had no business trying to field on a bounce – especially in that situation
  • Woodhead really has become a difference maker on 3rd down plays and he is getting better each week
  • One thing that needs to improve is our receivers don’t continue to run to the open spot when Flacco extends the play – they look like statues out there
  • Refs missed a blatant PF on TJ Green throwing Collins to the ground when he was clearly out of bounds
  • Why on 3rd one would you throw a pass to Boyle for a 3 yard loss – that is a horrible call that stopped a drive and left you with just 3 points
  • With four and half minutes left in the game and you get the ball, you really want your offense to get a few first downs and end the game something the Ravens were unable to do this evening
  • Wallace and Watson both had drops tonight – have to do better
  • When La’Darius Smith turns up the notch on his effort he is a force to be reckoned with, I hope that we see more of this in the coming games
  • Campy is the only Raven that I have seen that can successfully do the end around play and makes yardage
Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 30 Colts 16 Ravens 23 Colts 16
Turnovers Plus 2
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 131 Colts 104 Ravens 103 Colts 93
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 270 Colts 197 Ravens 220 Colts 203

Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Ravens force 3 turnovers      Nope, but they should have
  • Perriman catches a 16 yard pass for his biggest gainer of 2017      Nope, 2 catches for 14 yards
  • Flacco cracks 300 yards for the first time year      Nope, just 220 net yards
  • Refs make terrible calls      Correct, they missed a face mask on Allen that was caught on the camera

Keys to the Game

  • Pressure Brissett and get his uniform dirty     Nope, they had two coverage sacks but little pressure
  • Don’t beat yourself – play penalty free and protect the rock Correct, no turnovers and just 5 penalties
  • Play possession football and score in the red zone      Correct, great possession time but need more TDs in red zone

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