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Month: September 2018

9/30/18 Steelers Pregame

The Ravens/Steelers game Sunday night is definitely shaping up to be an interesting game and by the numbers the Ravens should have a decent chance to get a road victory. The Ravens offense looks better than it has in several years and they finally have some skill players than can catch the ball and move the chains. The Ravens have done a great job spreading the ball around which gives opponents a more difficult time game planning. The Ravens success in the red zone (12 straight TDs) is impressive and makes them a formidable opponent if they can keep that up. Sunday’s game is likely to be high scorning much like last December’s game when the Ravens lost 39 to 38 in the final minute of the game. You remember, don’t you? When the defense folded like a lawn chair in the last 5 minute of the game and gave up a 10-point lead. I’ll move on.

Here is a special treat for those of you that missed the Steelers/Bucs game where Big Ben does a flop when the Bucs defender touches his helmet. The hit was very minor but the flag was still thrown.

Ben Roethlisberger Flops After Bucs Defender Touches His Helmet And Draws Penalty

While three games of stats are not conclusive it does however begin to point to some of the strengths and weaknesses of a team and how they are trending. Here are some of the comparisons that are worth noting:

Defense – Steelers are ranked 29th / Ravens are ranked 1st
Personally, I don’t expect the Ravens will be a top 5 defense by week 16 but I do think they will be top 10. Likewise, I expect the Steelers to improve and move up the statistical ranks throughout the year and end up in the middle of the pack. All this said, the Ravens are the better team defensively and the Steelers look terrible right now, especially in coverage. If Flacco is smart and throwing well he should be able to shred this secondary and have a 300+ yards game. Edge to the Ravens.

Offense – Steelers are ranked 2nd / Ravens are ranked 13th
The Steelers with the weapons that they have are a proven scoring machine and they will remain in the upper echelon of the league offenses all year. The Ravens, if they remain healthy, will likely finish in the top 10 especially if they continue to work on improving their running game. While the Ravens don’t quite have the fire power of the Steelers they do have enough weapons to hang in there with the black and gold. Edge to the Steelers.

Special Teams
Tucker is 5 of 6 with his only miss due to a block and is perfect on extra points. He is 3 for 3 over 50 yds.
Chris Boswell is 1 of 4 and has missed two extra points. He is 0 for 3 over 40 yards.
Sam Koch is ranked 2nd in the league for average distance and Jordan Berry is ranked 26th.
The Ravens have had some problems this year with their blocking scheme as they have had 3 blocks already this season. You have to think that Coach Rosburg who is one of the best at what he does will have that fixed pronto. Even with those blocking issues the edge goes to the Ravens.

Anything that I would say here would be so subjective that it would lack credibility, but I will make this point – right now the Steelers lead the league in penalties and that typically points to lack of discipline. Also, last week you had Antonio Brown not showing up for work on Monday but he still played that Sunday which makes you wonder a little what is going on in that club house.

Where does all this leave us for Sunday? First, this is an intra division rivalry game which always produces maximum effort from both teams, and all the more when you play in the national spotlight. Pittsburgh’s defense, while statistically awful, will likely play better, and you can be certain that Coach Butler will bring the house to Flacco especially early in the game. If you get to Flacco early he typically has trouble getting in rhythm. Hopefully Coach Mornhinweg is planning short drops to counter this. The Steelers are an offensive juggernaut and as good as the Ravens defense looks right now – they are not going to stop Ben and that offense from scoring. Ben plays exceptionally well at home and unfortunately Joe tends to struggle on the road. The Steelers are historically dominant at home, rarely losing, and that stadium is going to be deafening when the Ravens are on the field. I expect the Ravens to burn at least two time outs due to crowd noise just so they can get plays called in. If Jimmy Smith were playing this week I would like our chances more, but in the end I think the Steelers offense at home is going to be a little too much for the Ravens to overcome. The odds makers have the Steelers by 3 with a 51 point over/under. Steelers should cover this one and I would bet over on the points. Enjoy the game and stay thirsty my friends.

Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the Baltimore Ravens – Sunday – September 30th @ 8:20 PM Odds – Steelers by 3 Over/Under 51

Game Predictions
Score         Ravens 24           Steelers 30
Turnovers         Minus 2
Net Rushing Yardage         Ravens 84           Steelers 98
Net Passing Yardage          Ravens 302           Steelers 343

Miscellaneous Predictions
• Alex Collins leads the Ravens run game with 18 carries/70 yds
• A. Brown gets 10 receptions for 146 yards, and 1 TD
• Ravens tight ends combine for 12 catches and 133 yards
• Refs make terrible calls

Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers
• Ravens come up short in the Sling Fest

Keys to the Game
• Contain Brown/JuJu and don’t give up big plays
• Get Big Ben to the ground – without the flag
• Win the turnover battle

Ravens/Broncos Post Game Recap

Rough start to the game as the Ravens get the ball first and go 3 and out and then their punt is blocked giving the Broncos an early 7 – 0 lead, but after that the Ravens seemed in control of this game. After a slow start the offense was sharp and scored to take the lead half way through the 2nd quarter. Denver didn’t score in the final 52 minutes of the game which is a credit to the Ravens D. This home win is big as they now go on the road for the next 3 weeks. Other thoughts on the game below:

• Except for Tucker, Ravens special teams play which is usually rock solid was terrible today with a blocked punt and blocked field goal – which cost them a 10-point swing. Without the blocks the Ravens would have likely had a rout today
• Tim White’s 38-yard return on the second kick off was nice to see but he looked a little tentative on his returns for the rest of the day
• Collins’ six-yard run for their first score was a great call and beautifully executed, and included a great block from Max Williams
• Ravens defense was weak on 3rd down early but then once they got into a groove they forced a ton of three and outs
• Broncos execute an end around for a 55-yards and a TD while making it look easy, something the Ravens offense has never been able to do with any success
• Ravens did a great job using the middle of the field on the passing attack in the first half and I would have liked to see them do that more of that in the 2nd half
• I counted 3 receiver drops today which needs to improve if they are beat the better teams
• Dear Coach Mornhinweg, just an FYI – if you throw the ball past the chains on 3rd down your chances of a getting a first down go up exponentially
• While I understand that the Ravens want to include Lamar Jackson on some offensive snaps, the reality is they are not producing any good yardages
• The left side of the line (Lewis and Stanley) just have to get better in the run blocking – right now they are awful!
• Za’Darius Smith had a good first half and generated a lot of pressures and one sack on Case
• Kenny Young had 10 tackles and 2 assists and filled in nicely for Mosely today
• Ravens defense got gouged on the ground giving up 120 yards on 24 carries. Not sure why the Broncos didn’t run more as they were really effective on the ground
• Snead is really showing his worth on 3rd down plays and is helping the Ravens convert on 3rd and long
• Mark Andrews looks good down the middle and I expect him to get his share of targets even when Hurst comes off the injured list
• Ravens offense is 12 for 12 in the red zone which is really an impressive stat
• Ravens need Jimmy Smith back on the field because Carr is getting targeted a lot and losing a lot of the one on one battles, and can somebody explain why Weddle and Jefferson are not giving him some help
• The Broncos lost their composure a few times today and it really hurt them and they also accumulated 13 penalties for 120 yards
• The Ravens defense is solid but I don’t think that I would label them special. The pass rush still leaves something to be desired and quite frankly it puts too much pressure on the secondary to stay with receivers for 6 and 7 seconds. I would also like to see better tackling and better swarm tackling from this group.
• Congrats to Peanut who got his first career interception and shame on Judon who got called for a block in the back which caused the Ravens 6 points and Peanut bragging rights
• Suggs is the consummate professional and it has been fun to watch him over these past many years – and today he got 5 tackles and 1.5 sacks on the day – not to mention he forced a few penalties on the Broncos O line
• Hats off to Coach Mornhinweg for making Von Miller a non-issue in this game

Game Predictions                                                                                Game Statistics
Score Ravens 27 Broncos 20                                                     Ravens 27    Broncos 14
Turnovers Plus 2                                                                              Plus 1
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 112 Broncos 120            Ravens 77    Broncos 130
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 304 Broncos 222            Ravens 265    Broncos 173

Miscellaneous Predictions
• Mark Andrews gets 4 receptions for 46 yds               Make that 2 receptions for 59 yards
• Flacco is sacked 4 times (twice by Von Miller)           Incorrect, 2 sacks and none from Miller
• Nick Boyle is flagged twice                                                    Incorrect – and well-done Nick
• Refs make terrible calls                                                          Missed the illegal move to block the field goal

Possible Monday morning headlines
• Ravens win! Case Dismissed!

Keys to the Game
• Win the turnover battle!                                              Correct! Plus 1
• Protect Flacco from Miller and Chub                   Correct, Chubb had one but Joe had time
• Dominate in the trenches                                            Nope, Ravens O line could not run block well

9/23/2018 Broncos Pregame

After 10 days off the Ravens host the Broncos who come to Baltimore with a 2 and 0 record with wins against Oakland and Seattle. The extra rest will benefit the Ravens in two ways, first the additional time helps players that are dinged have more time to heal, and second, the coaches have had extra time to look at film and to game plan for the Broncos. One of the critical things to game plan for – is how to contain the Denver’s rush. The Broncos have two strong edge rushers in Von Miller and Bradley Chubb, and Coach Wink will have to find a way to keep them off Flacco’s backside. If our offensive line does not protect well, it could be a long day for the Joe and the offense. The O line struggled mightily against the Bengals and as of this writing Stanley is questionable for Sunday. Losing your left tackle is never a good thing and if Stanley doesn’t play it will be interesting to see how they handle the adversity.

Broncos are off to a fast start in the running game and have averaged 157 yards per game which is second best in the league. Ravens need to stop the running game and force Case Keenum to throw the ball. Case has thrown 4 interceptions so far this year and the defense would like nothing more than for him to throw a few more this Sunday. The Broncos wide receiver corps are talented and Sanders, Thomas and Sutton will challenge our secondary. We saw in the last game where Tavon Young got exposed on the corner, so it will be interesting to see what Coach Wink does to contain some of these big receivers.

If the forecast holds – this Sunday’s game looks to be wet and sloppy. That said, Flacco’s big mitts should help with the wet ball and I expect him to have a good day passing. Denver is at a disadvantage as it has to endure travel and time zone changes and likely will be impacted by the effects of these. Ravens play well at home and Flacco in particular likes the home cooking. Ravens need to strike early and put the Broncos back on their heels – and get the crowd in the game. I think Collins has a big day and carries the ball 15 to 20 times. Given that this will be the last home game until October 21st – you really want to get this home win. Vegas has the Ravens by 5 ½ points and I think they will cover. Enjoy the game and stay thirsty my friends.

Baltimore Ravens hosting the Denver Broncos Sunday, September 23rd at 1:00 PM Odds Ravens by 5 ½

Game Predictions
Score Ravens 27      Broncos 20
Turnovers Plus 2
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 112      Broncos 120
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 304      Broncos 222

Miscellaneous Predictions
• Mark Andrews gets 4 receptions for 46 yds
• Flacco is sacked 4 times (twice by Von Miller)
• Nick Boyle is flagged twice
• Refs make terrible calls

Possible Monday morning headlines
• Ravens win! Case Dismissed!

Keys to the Game
• Win the turnover battle!
• Protect Flacco from Miller and Chub
• Dominate in the trenches

Ravens/Bengals Post Game Recap

Baltimore’s first road game of the season was a disaster. Instead of starting out quickly they stumbled to a 21-point deficit in the first 17 minutes of play. Slow starts on the road are a chronic problem for Flacco and the offense, and too often they are playing from behind. The Ravens O line and D line were outplayed in this contest and that usually is where games are won and lost. The defense played much better in the second half, but they still could not get the Bengals off the field late in the 4th quarter when the Ravens desperately needed a stop. Other comments on the game are below:

• Janarion Grant has to do better holding on to the ball or he is soon going to find himself on the practice squad
• Early in this season you have to be a little concerned about Crabtree’s drops
• Judon’s roughing the passer penalty was a bit ticky tacky but that said Judon just has to be smarter and avoid those kinds of penalties
• Matt Skura got pushed into the backfield so many times in this game you have to wonder if the Ravens are looking for a replacement at center
• Losing Mosley to an injury will be tough for the defense to overcome and will raise concerns for how well this defense plays in the weeks to follow
• One positive development for the offense is that Joe Flacco seems to have perfected the quarterback sneak play
• The Bengals poorly managed the clock at the end of first half using up just 22 seconds on a set of downs thereby letting the Ravens have the ball back with a minute and 2 seconds and all 3 time outs left. There is no way that the Ravens should have been able to score that TD before the half ended
• Love watching Alex Collins play – he has great moves and never gives up on a play. If the O line had created a few holes for him – he would have easily had over 100 yards rushing
• In a week where several teams failed to win games because of missed field goals, you have to love the fact that we have one of the best in the game with Tucker
• On 4th down and two Flacco does not throw past the chains or perhaps Allen does not run the route past the marker – either way it is horrible play calling and execution
• When Flacco throws the ball over 45 times in a game you can be fairly certain that we lost that game. Not sure why Marty gave up on the run so early in this game but we need better run/pass balance
• John Brown has shown a great ability to catch the ball in heavy traffic which is a much-needed skill on this team
• Jefferson is not that great in the pass defense, but the guy is a mauler on the running plays
• Raven’s O line was awful today and could not pass protect or run block – this has to be a major concern for the coaching staff
• Flacco’s first interception was horrible and showed terrible judgement on his part – he had no business making that throw which was in triple coverage
• Raven’s secondary is really missing Jimmy Smith and look to be average at best early this point in the season. As was the case last year they are giving up a lot of yards in the middle of the field
• AJ Green is a talented receiver and his speed, height and strength were a mismatch for our CBs
• Ravens only had 7 penalties in that game (which is low for them) but they were really costly ones
• Tavon Young got exposed on the corner and proved to me he is much more valuable in the slot position
• Was Ronnie Stanley hurt because he sure played like a guy that was hurt?
• Nick Boyle had two motion penalties in the first quarter – that is unacceptable!
• Sam Koch was outstanding in the punt game and really helps the defense in giving the opponents long fields

Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 27   Bengals 24                                           Ravens 23   Bengals 34
Turnovers Even                                                                   Turnovers – Minus 3
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 87   Bengals 94              Ravens 66 Bengals 108
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 279   Bengals 231           Ravens 359 Bengals 265

Miscellaneous Predictions
• Flacco goes 25 of 39 with 2 TD                                                    32 of 55 with 2 TDs and 2 Interceptions
• John Brown has 4 receptions for 65 yards                                4 receptions for 92 yards and 1 TD
• Ravens control the clock with a TOP north of 32 mins           Not at all, only 28:10 in TOP
• Refs make terrible calls                                                                 The PI call on the Bengals was a bad call – but glad they made it

Keys to the Game

• Get to Dalton, hit him and move him off the spot                       Not even a little bit
• Contain Green & Mixon/keep them out of the end zone           Nope – AJ had 3 TDs and Mixon 84 yds
• Play ball control offense                                                                   Nope – 3 turnovers ensured that

9/13/2018 Bengals Pregame

On a short week, the Ravens head to Paul Brown Stadium to face the Bengals in their home opener. Interestingly enough, it was in week number two last year that the Ravens went to Cincinnati and beat them soundly. In that game the Ravens dominated the Bengals and shut them out defeating them 20 to 0. You can only hope that we repeat that performance today, but something tells me that this game will be altogether different. Divisional games always bring a certain intensity to them and the truth is these teams don’t like each other too much. I expect this game to be chippy from the start.

The game this evening will give fans a better idea how good the Ravens are this year. The Bengals will provide a much bigger challenge than what they faced against the Bills. For some reason, the Bengals have had the Raven’s number in recent years, and since 2013 the Bengals are 7 and 3 against the Ravens. AJ Green has had some of his biggest games against the Ravens and there is no reason to believe that he won’t be productive this evening. The Raven’s secondary will have their hands full with the Bengals receivers and sadly they will be without Smith and Canady which leaves them a little thin. The key this for the Ravens will be their pass rush. They have to get pressure on Dalton without becoming vulnerable to the run or the screen pass. If Dalton has time he is skilled enough to shred the secondary. The Bengals running back Joe Mixon is a load to bring down, and at 220 pounds with speed he is a problem to bring down on first contact. He is also very good catching balls out of the backfield. On the other side of the ball the Bengals are an average defense. They do however have a very good front 4 and specifically both Dunlap and Atkins can cause havoc. The Ravens O line will have their hands full tonight.

The Ravens would love to get a road win early and to set the tone for this season – and there is no better time than against a divisional rival. The Ravens were fortunate to be able to rest a lot of players in the second half of the Bills game which likely makes them a little fresher than the Bengals. The Ravens offense looks different this year and if the O line holds up they will score points even against the better defenses. The running game though is likely going to struggle against the Bengals front seven so I anticipate Flacco throwing the ball around 40 times. This game will likely go back and forth with the winning score coming late in the 4th quarter. The Ravens are ready to make a statement to the AFC North and I think they will do that in this game. Both the Ravens and Bengals will play hard for 60 minutes but in the end Flacco and the offense will have the better game. The odds makers have the Bengals by 1 which means this game is basically a pick em’ game. I like the Ravens playing spoiler in the Bengals home opener and winning this one by a field goal. Enjoy the game and stay thirsty my friends.

Please note that I will be going to a conference and will not be able to prepare a game recap until next week.

Cincinnati Bengals hosting the Baltimore Ravens – September 13th at 8:20 pm
Odds – Bengals by 1

Game Predictions
Score Ravens 27      Bengals 24
Turnovers Even
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 87      Bengals 94
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 279      Bengals 231

Miscellaneous Predictions
• Flacco goes 25 of 39 with 2 TD
• John Brown has 4 receptions for 65 yards
• Ravens control the clock with a TOP north of 32 minutes
• Refs make terrible calls

Possible Friday morning headlines in the Sun Papers
• Ravens offense may be for real
• Flacco up to the challenge

Keys to the Game
• Get to Dalton, hit him and move him off the spot
• Contain AJ Green and Joe Mixon and keep them out of the end zone
• Play ball control offense

Ravens/Bills Post Game Recap

The Baltimore Ravens dominated the hapless Buffalo Bills in their season opener and the game was virtually over by half time. Joe Flacco was sharp and except for a few high throws in the second quarter his accuracy was very good. The Ravens offense moved the down field with ease and most importantly they were able to score touch downs when they got into the red zone. The Ravens defense held the Bills to a paltry 153 totals yards, but to be honest the Bills may very well have the worst offense in the NFL this year. Other thoughts on the game are detailed below:

  • For the first time in Raven’s history they had 6 different players score touchdowns, and most notably they had all three of their starting wide receivers get TD’s
  • The Bills targeted Brandon Carr all day and he was up to the challenge in coverage which is a good sign.
  • Ravens will need to clean up their penalties as they committed 9 penalties for 78 yards – this will hurt them when they play the better teams.
  • Ladarius Smith looked good today and played very physical on the edge and seems to be playing up to the new level. Would love to see him get 10+ sacks this year.
  • Kick off coverage was very poor today and gave up a lot of yards on returns – Coach Rosburg will no doubt be working on that with his guys this week.
  • Lamar Jackson is not ready to replace Joe Flacco, but you can clearly see that he has some unique skills that are going to come into play this season.
  • It is only one game, but the Ravens new receivers seem to be a significant upgrade from last year.
  • While it was exciting that the Raven’s got 6 sacks today, it seemed to me that most of them were coverage sacks and not quick pressures.
  • Crabtree’s toe tap TD was a thing of beauty and it shows what kind of plays he is capably of making, but his two drops today are something to watch as the season progresses.
  • The Ravens were very fortunate to finish off the Bills so early in the game as it gave them the luxury of resting many of their starters which is especially beneficial on a short week. You have to hope that the Ravens are a bit fresher on Thursday night than the Bengals will be.
  • Tavon Young had two sacks today and very much reminded me of what Webb looked like in his prime when he blitzed off the corner.
  • The Ravens finished the day with 117 rushing yards, but most of that was in the second half when they were running down the clock. The run game looked awful in the first half and the Bills absolutely shut the run game down which is a bit worrisome. The Raven’s O line will have to get better in this regard.
  • Nick Boyle, Matt Williams and Mark Andrews all looked good in the TE position and they collectively gained 102 yards. They will be even better when Hurst gets back to health.
  • Raven’s Coaching staff did a nice job today with their play calling. The only really bad call was the check down throw to Allen on 3rd and 6 which gained 2 yards. I contend that on 3rd down yardages under 10 yards you should be throwing to the chains.
  • Ravens scored on their opening drive today and they did that only once in 16 games last year.
  • Raven’s secondary looks really good, can’t wait to see them against the Bengals and the Steelers to see how they match up.
  • Chris Wormley blocked two passes at the line of scrimmage and looks to be a key piece on the defensive front.
  • Mark my words, if Kenny Young stays healthy he will be the starting ILB – taking over the lead role from Peanut.
  • Ravens used 9 receivers today which is great news for our offense, and 6 of them got 30 or more yards.
  • The 54-yard punt return from J. Grant was exciting, but he is going to have to improve on his punt catching technique as he almost coughed it up twice today.
  • Tucker and Koch were solid as usual today and you would hardly know that is was sloppy conditions when they were doing their jobs.

Game Predictions                                                                   Game Statistics
Score Ravens 31 Bills 20                                                         Ravens 47 Bills 3
Turnovers Plus 2                                                                         Plus 1
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 122  Bills 89                   Ravens 117 Bills 83
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 211  Bills 168                Ravens 252 Bills 70

Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Raven’s defense racks up 5 sacks                                     Correct! They got 6
  • Lamar Jackson has 4 snaps in his first game               Probably had close to 25
  • Alex Collins has a run of 25+ yards                                  Incorrect, bad day for Alex
  • Refs make terrible calls                                                         Correct, the INT on Carr when he was face masked by the receiver was a bogus call

Keys to the Game

  • Contain McCoy and Clay                           Yes! McCoy had 22 totals yards and Clay had 0
  • Pressure Peterman Correct!                   Sacked 3 times
  • Win the turnover battle                             Correct! Plus 1 on the day

9/9/2018 Bills Pregame

The Baltimore Ravens kick off their 2018 season with a home opener against the Buffalo Bills. Leading up to this game the Ravens have looked good and the pre-season was successful for the Ravens as they won all 5 games. In fact, the last time the Ravens lost a preseason game was September 3rd, 2015. You might even say that the Ravens are built for the preseason, but sadly for Baltimore fans these games don’t count for squat. It is the regular season where you have to make some noise and here’s to hoping that the Ravens make some noise. There have been many positive signs this preseason and you have to hope that if it will continue as the season rolls on.

Here are few things to like heading into Sunday

  • Flacco is the healthiest he has been in several years, and you have Jackson sitting on the bench waiting for his turn. Good health and stiff competition will make Joe better this year.
  • Perriman is gone! I wish him well with his career, but glad he is not in a purple jersey.
  • Much of the defense is returning and with the new additions from the draft I think they are better still.
  • The ACL monster did not visit us this preseason and we had fewer injuries in August than we have had in many years.
  • Raven’s Secondary has some good depth and should be a top ten unit against the pass this year even with Jimmy being out for the first four games.
  • Brown, Crabtree, and Snead almost have to be better than Wallace, Maclin, Campanaro. Time will tell but I will be shocked if they don’t outperform last year’s group.

Here are few things to be concerned

  • Offensive line depth is a little light and with Lewis and Yanda coming off season ending injuries – you have to worry a little about how well they will play especially early in the season.
  • Opposing tight ends gouged the Ravens defense last year and I am not sure they have done anything to really correct that weakness.
  • Raven’s pass rush has been anemic to non-existent at times and they really need some of these 2nd and 3rd year players to ramp up their pressure on opposing quarterbacks. We can’t just have Suggs and Judon applying pressure.
  • Weather is looking suspect this Sunday which typically favors the weaker teams as it slows down the game and generally creates more turnovers.

Looking at the Raven’s schedule – playing Buffalo at home may be the easiest game of the season so it is critically important that the Ravens start fast and dispatch this team by the 3rd quarter. The Bills are looking like a sub 500 team this year and they have a lot of holes in their game – most notably a bad offensive line and a very poor pass rush. The Bills starting quarterback is Nathan Peterman who is a second-year guy that is still learning the game. The Raven’s defense needs to put pressure on Peterman and get him to make some mistakes.  Early season game predictions are never easy because team rosters change from year to year and while we think it is obvious who will be good or bad – there are inevitably surprises every year. That said, Sunday’s game should be an easy one for the Ravens and if they don’t turn the ball over I think they win this one by 10+ points. Vegas has the Raven’s by 7 ½ points and I think they cover this one. Enjoy the game and stay thirsty my friends.

Game Predictions
Score                                        Ravens 31     Bills 20
Turnovers                              Plus 2
Net Rushing Yardage      Ravens 122    Bills 89
Net Passing Yardage       Ravens 211    Bills 168

Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Raven’s defense racks up 5 sacks
  • Lamar Jackson has 4 snaps in his first game
  • Alex Collins has a run of 25+ yards
  • Refs make terrible calls

Keys to the Game

  • Contain McCoy and Clay
  • Pressure Peterman
  • Win the turnover battle
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