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Ravens/Browns Post Game Recap

Congratulations to the Cleveland Browns who out played, out coached and outscored the Ravens in a tough fought game. Today, Cleveland was the better prepared team and they played with more heart and intensity than did the Ravens. It is hard to criticize a Ravens defense that gave up a mere 12 points in 70 minutes, but when they needed a stop at the end of overtime they gave up big plays and yardage and ultimately the game winning field goal. Perhaps the Ravens were looking past the Browns and thought they could take it easy – they looked flat to me especially on offense. I think at the end of the season the Ravens will look back at this game and wish they had played better. Other thoughts on the game are:

• Ravens offense was 4 of 16 on 3rd down which is absolutely terrible. Play calling was suspect and the execution of plays was subpar all day
• Crabtree had the trifecta in dropped passes today and by my count two of his drops killed drives and the third drop would have been a TD. Crab leads the league in drop passes this season with 8 drops. In other bad news, when he catches the ball he often runs backwards and gets negative YAK
• Joe Flacco at 7 feet 4 inches leads the league in blocked passes. Here’s a hint Joe – try looking away every once in a while, and stop telegraphing your throws
• Ravens recorded 5 sacks today but most of them were coverage sacks and in my humble opinion we are not getting enough pressure with four. We got beat by a rookie QB today and he threw over 300 yards today
• Ravens defense was sloppy in their tackling technique today and they gave up too many yards to the Browns after first contact
• Flacco’s interception on the goal line was bone crushing and that makes two weeks in a row we have coughed up the ball on the goal line
• Flacco threw for 56 times today. I don’t know what the Ravens win/loss record is when he throws over 50 times but I am going to guess that it is not good
• Judon made a few nice tackles in this game, but it is hard not to be disappointed in his pass rush through the first 5 games
• Brandon Williams played his heart out today and was disrupted on the line, and he registered his first sack in two years
• Ravens rushing attack statistically looked ok with 25 attempts for 116 yards, but they were either feast or famine and unfortunately, they had several attempts for zero or negative yardage
• Flacco did not look comfortable today, did not look confident in the pocket – and his stats bear this out as he had a QBR of 60 and a completion rate of just 51.8%
• What happened to Ravens vaunted red zone offense? They were skunked today getting TDs in the red zone
• Ravens didn’t get their first 3rd conversion until 4 minutes into the 3rd quarter
• Baker Mayfield played well today and he absolutely shredded the Ravens D with 2 minutes left in the first half
• Marlon Humphrey did not have a great day and was burned on the Baker’s pass to Higgins late in the first half
• Tucker had another FG blocked today and if he makes that kick we are likely winners today. Coach Rosburg better get this blocking issue fixed and quick
• On 3rd and three – Lamar lines up in the wild cat formation and runs to the right to get the first down, and I still don’t know how he got around all those defenders to the edge – the man has some skills
• Matt Skura got pushed around today and it has to be a little concerning for this offense
• Ravens receivers did not get any separation today and the Browns coverage on them was tight. Also, not sure why they didn’t do any seam routes to the tight ends but they seem to have given up on that play
• Greg Williams called a very good defensive game for the Browns and he was one step ahead of Coach Mornhinweg
• Ravens played on of their cleanest games ever with just 4 penalties for 41 yards
• As expected this game was a painful game to watch and it appears to be the norm when we play the Browns

Game Predictions                                                                                 Game Statistics
Score Ravens 27 Browns 20                                                                 Ravens 9 Browns 12
Turnovers Plus 2                                                                                        Minus 1
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 91    Browns 118                        Ravens 116 Browns 112
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 316   Browns 241                       Ravens 294 Browns 304

Miscellaneous Predictions
• Suggs gets 2 sacks                                                                                 Nope, one sac
• De ’Lance Turner gets 6 carries for 23 yards                         Nope, one pass for 7 yards
• Refs make terrible calls                                                                     Lots of missed calls and a few bogus calls

Keys to the Game
• Account for Mile Garrett                                                    Correct, only registered .05 sack
• Stop the Cleveland’s ground game                               Mostly, kept them to 112 yards and 4.0 per carry
• Protect the rock!                                                               Nope, two very costly turnovers and one of them on the goal

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  1. Joe Arconti says:

    You can credit this loss to our offense defense did well enough to keep us in the game. The Browns are a better team than people realize but we should’ve beat them
    I wish they would get rid of the Lamar Jackson plays we’re down a man on those plays because Joe’s not doing anything and we don’t want him to and we’re taking away a lot of possibilities when he’s out there he can at times Be a momentum killer though it’s not his fault

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