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Ravens/Bengals Post Game Recap

Lamar Jackson’s first career start brings the Ravens their first victory in 5 weeks. You have to be impressed with the young man and the composure that he showed today. I don’t want to get too excited because they barely beat the worst defense in the NFL so there are going to be tougher test to come for sure. That said, everyone got a glimpse of what Lamar can do and the kind of football you can expect to see from him. Today’s game look like a college game with the Ravens rushing the ball 54 times. I don’t know if that is a franchise record but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

I’d like to point out the reason that Harbaugh decided to go for it on 4th and one at midfield with three minutes left in the game – that was because that was a vote against his defense getting a stop late in the game. Harbaugh has seen the defense give up late scores too many times and he knows they are not their best when it counts the most – but today they got the job done. The defense played well today and stuffed the run and forced the Bengals to be one dimensional. Holding the Bengals to just 255 total yards is noteworthy to be sure. Other thoughts on the game are below.

• Nice to see the Ravens defense get a three and out on the first series – something they have been unable to do in recent game
• Lamar Jackson is a unique runner in that he is crazy quick and slippery through the tackles. His ability to extend plays when scrambling is nothing short of remarkable
• Gus Edwards had a very good game and just earned the number one spot on the depth chart. He gained 115 yards on 17 carries. Pretty amazing for a guy who started the year on the practice squad. Collins who has struggled all year will likely see limited duty in the remaining weeks
• The Ravens opening drive was brilliant using all running plays, with lots of redirects and taking advantage of Lamar’s speed and elusiveness.
• Lamar’s first pass was not thrown until ten and half minutes into the first quarter
• Cyrus Jones has shown to be reliable in catching punts – but that is literally all he can do as he rarely tries to run, and when he does he mostly just jukes in place and then dives to the ground
• Ravens held the Bengals defense to just 30 yards in the first quarter
• The offensive pass interference call on Mark Andrews was a horrible call and likely cost the Ravens three points
• Ravens really hurt themselves today with careless penalties on offense which halted drives and scoring opportunities
• Ravens really took advantage of the situation as the half ended getting just enough yards on offense for Tucker to kick a 56 yarder – into the wind I might add. Keep in mind there was just 25 seconds on the clock to work with on that quick drive
• Ravens defense do not cover backs that slip out of the backfield – something that they have been prone to all year long
• Lamar’s first interception was a classic rookie mistake and one that Raven fans should expect in his first year or so. The turnover was costly too and quickly gave the Bengals seven points and the lead
• Going for it on fourth down early in the 3rd quarter is unusual I admit but I don’t’ really have a problem with it given that they were getting positive yards on running plays. I thought the call was way too predictable and they did not adjust when the Bengals crammed the middle of the line and we went right at it
• Dalton is brilliant running the ball and he knows how to take advantage of defenses when they use man to man coverage – knowing that no one is accounting for him if he runs. Dalton was the leading rusher today for the Bengals
• Humphrey is not a pro bowl caliber corner yet for one important reason – he doesn’t play the ball. He has the speed and agility to stay with top receivers but he doesn’t turn back and look for the ball which makes him look average at time. That said, he did come up with a big play on Bengals last drive
• Ravens need to find a kick returner because Chris Moore is not the guy. He makes bad decisions and almost never gets past the 25 yard line. His best play is taking the knee
• Ravens O line did a great job opening up holes today and several times got to the second level
• Dre Kirkpatrick is a chump and he probably could have been called for three personal fouls today
• Refs suck – how did Dunlap not get called for a personal foul when he tackled and drove Yanda to the ground. It is terrible officiating like that which will cause games to get out of hand in a hurry
• When the Ravens took the lead with eight minutes left in the game – that is precisely when you want your defense to show up and get a stop. They didn’t and to make matters worse they let the Bengals get first downs on 3rd and long twice in that drive. In that particular case they were fortunate as Bullock missed the FG
• When you go for it on 4th down you cannot commit a penalty – that it is inexcusable – an illegal formation call is just unacceptable in that place in the game
• The Ravens time of possession was 38:09 which shows you how important a running game is if you want to control the clock
• Ravens are sitting at 5 – 5 but the chances of them getting to ten wins with six remaining are somewhere between slim and none. I know that sounds negative but they too many road games against good teams to think that is possible

Game Predictions                                                                                        Game Statistics
Score         Ravens 17         Bengals 24                                                       Ravens 24        Bengals 21
Turnovers         Minus 2                                                                               Minus 1
Net Rushing Yardage         Ravens 99         Bengals 127                Ravens 265         Bengals 48
Net Passing Yardage         Ravens 222         Bengals 280                Ravens 138         Bengals 207

Miscellaneous Predictions
• Lamar has two turnovers – fumble and INT                Nope, 1 INT but no fumble
• Tyler Boyd leads all receivers with 9 rec and 123 yds                Yes, led all receivers but only for 71 yards
• Bengals TOP north of 31 minutes                Incorrect, Ravens dominate TOP
• Refs make terrible calls                               Yes, several missed calls

Keys to the Game
• Establish the run game                           Correct, 54 rushes for 256 yards
• Contain Boyd and Mixon                       Correct, Mixon held to 14 yards on 12 carries
• Protect the rock                                       Nope, minus one on the day

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