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Ravens/Steelers Post Game Recap

This game played out more or less as I expected and if you look at my stat predictions I was pretty much spot on. When the Steelers went ahead 14 to 3 with just seven minutes into the second quarter it just seemed like the Steelers had the game under control and they were not going to give up the lead – which they didn’t. The Steelers moved the ball with ease and were able to get TDs in the red zone while the Ravens were unable to capitalize on their opportunities. The Steelers time of possession was 36:29, and when you do that you typically win. Flacco played ok at times but he left some plays out there which really hurt our points total. If you haven’t already hit the panic button on this season you can hit it now, the Ravens are not playing well and there is no relief in sight. The Ravens look old, and the truth is they are old – second oldest team in the NFL. There are still seven games left in the season, but my guess is that they will not recover enough to get to the post season. Change is coming my friends, and if not in the near future most certainly in January. The Ravens are going into their BYE which should help in getting some guys healthy. Other thoughts on the game are below:

• 1st offensive series for the Ravens was very sloppy with a bobbled handoff, two quarterback hits, a duck throw and a missed route. Typically for your 1st offensive series is scripted and seeing the miss cues was particularly disappointing and indicator of things to come
• Refs completely missed the grounding by Ben on the first series – as he was clearly not out of the pocket
• That catch by Chris Moore in the middle of the field was impressive and may earn him more playing time in coming weeks
• Alex Collins got away with a late shove on TJ Watt after a run, and I especially enjoyed watching Watt complain to the Refs for the next 5 minutes
• Flacco totally missed what would have been an easy TD pass to a wide-open Jackson on 3rd and goal, so they had to settle for 3 points
• I can’t put my finger on it, but it absolutely looks like the Ravens defense have taken the foot off the pedal and they are content to let teams chip and chunk down the field. Coverage is soft and they tackle like they are playing flag football
• The Ravens had no one that could match up with Conner and he absolutely dominated the Ravens with 163 total yards
• The Ravens defense was horrendous in their tackling today and this has been a pattern the last few games. There were too many plays in which the first defender missed the tackle
• Flacco missed a wide-open Crabtree for a TD, and again they had to settle for 3 points
• I like using Lamar Jackson on the offense but they are so predictable with him running and the Steelers defense had his number all day. Coach Mornhinweg play calling was suspect at times
• Other than a sack, when is the last time you saw the Ravens defense generate a negative yardage play
• Eleumunor committed two penalties in the Ravens last drive before the half to kill any chance of getting any points to finish the half
• I have said this several times already, but the Ravens front four pass rush is nonexistent and I hope that DaCosta uses his first-round pick on a pass rusher and his second pick on a free safety
• The PF on Weddle was a bad call albeit in game speed the hit on Schuster looked bad
• Pierce and Williams were non-factors on defense and appear to be a shadow of what they were in the first 4 games
• Judon had some outstanding plays today and was one of the few defensive players that played well
• Steelers offense was outstanding on 3rd down and were 10 of 16 on the day which resulted in huge time of possession
• The Ravens offense generated a pitiful 267 total yards of offense on their home turf – that is cause for great concern
• Coach Wink, in case you haven’t seen the tape – the Steelers like to use screen passes to their RBs and TEs so you actually have to cover them off the line of scrimmage with your linebackers
• Steelers first drive in the second half burned eight minutes and 14 seconds
• When the Ravens pulled within seven points with two and half minutes left in the 3rd quarter the Ravens finally delivered a 3rd down stop which you hoped would be a turning point in the game – sadly our following possession was a disaster
• Suggs looked like an old man today and I would bet a handsome amount of money that this is his last ye
• How many times have we seen over the years where Ben gets helped off the field and then comes in after a short break only to return and burn the Ravens on a pass play – which he did today with a 51-yard pass to Jesse James
• Offensive line did a pretty good job protecting Joe today given how banged up they are
• The Steelers were the more physical team today as evidence by how many Ravens were banged up in this game. The Steelers defense really hits hard and when they tackle you they leave a bruise
• With 3rd and 5 with 4 minutes left on the clock Ben delivers with a strike to Brown to basically seal the game by burning up much of the clock
• It was really encouraging to see Jimmy Smith play well today – he did a nice job in coverage especially since Ben had 5 to 8 seconds to throw

Game Predictions                                                                                     Game Statistics
Score        Ravens 19 Steelers 27                                                          Ravens 16 Steelers 23
Turnovers            Minus 1                                                                                   Even
Net Rushing Yardage      Ravens 86 Steelers 131                       Ravens 61 Steelers 113
Net Passing Yardage       Ravens 219 Steelers 275                        Ravens 207 Steelers 282

Miscellaneous Predictions
• Joe Flacco is sacked 4 times                               Nope, only brought down twice
• Suggs has 4 almost sacks                                   Nope, almost had one sack
• Conner gets 22 carries for 111 yards                 24 carries for 107 yards
• Refs make terrible calls                                      Correct!

Keys to the Game
• Stop them on 3rd down <40%                                    Nope, 10 0f 16 on the day
• Keep Joe clean and upright                                        Sort of – but he had to hurry throws
• Win the turnover battle                                              Neutral – no turnovers

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