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Ravens/Bucs Post Game Recap

In the rain and slop the Ravens dominated the game with their pounding ground game. The score should have been more lopsided as two of the Bucs scores came off of Ravens turnovers, but in the end the Ravens defense was too much for the Bucs. Holding the high-flying Bucs offense to just 241 yards is impressive under any circumstances. Other thoughts on the game are below:

• Godwin dropped a ball on the Bucs first series that would have easily put the Bucs within field goal range – and you can’t blame that one on the weather because it was a fresh ball and Winston put it right on his hands
• Ravens had tough sledding on the ground in the first quarter as the Bucs had 8 men in the box to stop the run and force the Ravens to beat them in the air which the Ravens obliged. The remaining quarters were a different story however as they pounded the ball down their throats
• Marlon had an excellent game in pass coverage and was key to the Ravens success today. While his interception was big, it was actually his play on 4th down in the fourth quarter where he broke up the pass to stop the Bucs cold in their tracks – that play was huge!
• Ravens offense looked really sleepy and lethargic in the first quarter, not sure if it was the weather or not but they could not get anything going. Too many 3rd and longs that they could not convert
• One thing I have noticed about Raven receivers is they don’t work hard to get open on extended plays – meaning they don’t keep moving around to get open when Lamar has time
• Lamar needs to see the doctor on this fumbalitis issue that he is stricken with
• The Ravens had trouble containing the Bucs running game at times but they clamped down as the game progressed especially in the 4th quarter
• Brandon Williams tackle to stop on 3rd and short yardage was absolutely amazing and if you watch it closely, he was held on the play
• For the love of God Coach Mornhinweg – please stop the reverse and the end arounds – those plays are literally killing offensive drives
• Late in the second quarter Lamar was rolling out on a 3rd and short and had an easy 1st down on a run, but waited too long to commit and didn’t make it – fortunately they did get the 1st down on 4th and one, but it didn’t need to be that risky
• Congrats to Chris Moore on his 1st TD of the season
• Ravens defense gave up a 3rd and 20 play late in the second quarter that put the Bucs in scoring position and to cap it off Jimmy gets called for a PF to put the Bucs at the 9-yard line. It is an inexcusable mistake on the Ravens defense in that situation
• Nice drive by Lamar at the end of the 1st half and getting the three points to take the lead
• Ravens offense hurt themselves several times today by committing drive killing penalties
• Lamar has vastly improved his approach to the running game by getting out of bounds and taking dives before the defender has time to make contact
• Starting the second half with a five minute 78-yard drive is exactly what the Ravens needed to do and it was executed brilliantly
• In receiving a punt in the 3rd quarter Cyrus Jones had a grand mall seizure during the play and inexplicably touched the bouncing ball which gave the ball back to the Bucs on the 14-yard line. I am still scratching my head on that one
• Ravens front four did not get at Winston today and he had loads of time to throw which only tells you how well the secondary played in coverage
• Ravens offensive line did an outstanding job on the ground game and they helped the Ravens rake up 242 yards. The pass protection was weak and Lamar was under duress when he dropped back to throw. If not for Lamar’s great speed and quickness he would have been sacked a ton
• Bucs had the ball for less than 23 minutes today which is why they had season lows in yardage
• Very disappointing to see the Ravens waste Humphrey’s interception which gave them great field position. The offensive series was so bad they punted on 4th down and 41 yards – being that bad on an offensive series is actually hard to do

Game Predictions                                                                 Game Statistics
Score       Ravens 27      Bucs 23              Ravens 20        Bucs 12
Turnovers       Plus 2                                                                   Minus 1
Net Rushing Yardage                 Ravens 177      Bucs 68                    Ravens 242       Bucs 85
Net Passing Yardage                                Ravens 186        Bucs 243                       Ravens 128       Bucs 156

Miscellaneous Predictions
• Ravens get 2 interceptions                  No, just one today
• Lamar/Edwards/Dixon each have over 65 yards rushing              Sort of Lamar and Edwards did but Dixon came up short
• Judon gets two sacks one of them a strip             Nope, quiet day for the big guy
• Refs make terrible calls           Correct, lots of missed calls

Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers
• Ravens sit atop the AFC North

Keys to the Game
• Run the ball and burn the clock                   Correct, 37 minutes and 242 yards on the ground
• Pressure Winston and force mistakes                    Nope, not enough pressure today
• Protect the Rock!                      Nope, Ravens lose two today both of them fumbles

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