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Ravens/Chiefs Post Game Recap

For sixty minutes in regulation the Ravens played toe to toe with the best offense in the NFL. They hung in there all day and played their hearts out. The Ravens were up by seven points with 57 seconds left in the game when they gave up the tying score. You have to give a great deal of credit to Andy Reid and Pat Mahomes to drive the field and convert on two 4th down plays. An absolutely brilliant game played by both teams but only one could win today – and that was Kansas City Chiefs in overtime. The Ravens came up short today but have nothing to be ashamed in terms of their play. The officiating was suspect today and went very much in KCs favor. Ravens were penalized 11 times for 112 yards which is their worst penalized game of the year. The timing of some of those penalties were killers to the Ravens and I hate to see that happen in well played games. It is hard to believe that the Ravens almost won that game with 123 passing yards – simply amazing. Other thoughts on today’s game are below:

• I didn’t like the Ravens deferring to the Chiefs to open the game, I thought they should have taken the ball and burned the clock right away. As it worked out though, the Chiefs did have to punt after a 25-yard drive stalled
• Mark Andrews had two drops today and one of them cost the Ravens a first down – this was a surprise for him because he had been so reliable in past games
• Tyree Hill has crazy speed and he was a challenge for the Ravens who had trouble getting their hands on him. His catch on 4th and nine shows you why the Chiefs are 11 and 2
• Suggs whiffed on hitting Mahomes a few times when he was right in front of him – so close but couldn’t wrap him up
• Kelce was so important to the KC offense today and was a main target on 3rd down – and as expected the Ravens could not cover him. Kelce has a unique catch radius that is makes him tough to stop
• Humphrey’s groin must have really been bothering him today because he was grabbing receivers on their routes for most of the day. He got away with it several times
• Crabtree has been disappointing at times with his drops, but I have been so impressed with his downfield blocking for run plays – he plays hard and doesn’t shy from engaging with the defender
• The Ravens front seven was really bringing it in the first half and they gave maximum effort
• KC did a nice adjusting to the run game and it didn’t give up the six and seven yard runs like they did in the first half and it forced the Ravens to throw and the pass protection was not that great.
• The roughing the passer penalty call on Peanut when he tackled Mahomes on a run/pass option was just flat out wrong
• When the Chiefs converted on 3rd and 19 and it included a missed tackle, a missed sack. That play was a knife in the heart of the Ravens defense who had played so tough
• On Chris Moore’s big kickoff return = two not one knucklehead holds on the return costing the Ravens 30+ yards in field position
• There is a reason that the Ravens have not had an interception since week 5 – it is because the defense does not play the ball and most of the time have their back is to the quarterback. They did get an interception today but that was only because it was badly overthrown and Clark was playing centerfield which made it easy
• Penalties were costly today for the Ravens and cost them on both sides of the ball
• Chris Moore has to make that play for a TD on the Raven first possession in the second half – you cannot drop that ball period
• When the Ravens went for it on 4th and one and failed, I really thought they should have done a QB sneak. Also, If I was going to use a running back – I would have preferred Edwards to Dixon because I think Edwards hits the hole faster which is what you need in short yardage. Also, for the record, Gus Edwards has not had a negative run in almost 100 carries
• You have to tip your hat to Pat Mahomes – this guy is an incredible talent and he can do things that no other quarterback can do in the league – and keep in mind this guy is just getting started
• Not sure I would have the guts to go for it on 4th and two – but the pass to Williams for a TD was a brilliant call and a great effort to get to the pylon
• Chuck Clark has played ok in Jefferson’s absence but he cannot tackle well and gave up a lot of extra yards to the Chiefs with missed tackles
• Congrats to the Ravens defense for holding the Chiefs scoreless in the 3rd quarter. It certainly helped that the Ravens held the ball for 11 minutes
• Ravens gave up some of their biggest plays to the Chiefs when it was 3rd and long – go figure
• Lamar had a case of the worm burner throws today – got to get them up a little there
• KC did a nice job on the edge and did not give up a lot of yards on the end
• Cyrus Jones had a 57-yard run back at one of the biggest points in the game and he did it against the toughest special team coverage in the league
• There we so many plays where the Ravens were a Nano second too late to make the play and several of them could have been the difference in the game
• The Ravens defense looked really tired in overtime and they were fortunate to keep the Chiefs to three points in their opening possession
• The strip sack on Lamar could have ended the game in regulation but thankfully their kicker whiffed. By the way, you are going to see more of those in the future until he better learns the game
• It would have been a huge moment for the Ravens if Snead had held onto that throw from RGIII and might have ended in a tie or perhaps win, but instead the Ravens lose on downs

Game Predictions                                                                               Game Statistics
Score      Ravens 23      Chiefs 30                                                     Ravens 24        Chiefs 27
Turnovers      Plus 1                                                                                    Even
Net Rushing Yardage      Ravens 201        Chiefs 84           Ravens 198      Chiefs 94
Net Passing Yardage      Ravens 198         Chiefs 325           Ravens 123       Chiefs 347

Miscellaneous Predictions
• Kelce has 8 receptions for 93 yards       7 receptions for 77 yards
• Ravens commit 10 penalties for 95 yards       11 penalties for 112 yards
• Ravens get their 1st pick since week 5        Correct, Chuck Clark got one
• Refs make terrible calls                       Correct, worst officiated game of the year in my opinion

Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers
• Jackson struggles in Arrowhead

Keys to the Game
• Run the ball 40+ times and burn the clock      39 carries, but not clock burn we have seen in previous games
• Don’t give up big plays (20 + yards)      Nope, they gave up a few of thoese one for 48 yards
• Win the turnover battle by plus 2, no make that 3       Nope, even on the day

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