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Ravens/Falcons Post Game Recap

There are not enough superlatives to describe how well the Ravens defense played today against one of the most consistent and high-powered offenses in the NFL. Their game plan was clear from the first 5 minutes of the game – they were going to pressure Ryan and they were going to run the ball down the Falcons throats. They did both with great success today. There is not enough time to go through all the stats but Falcons are always good at home and they were absolutely man handled today. The Ravens offense, while anemic at times, managed to grind out the clock holding the ball for a whopping thirty-nine minutes and 39 seconds. While Lamar played sloppy at times today it was enough to get the job done. This was a giant road win for the Ravens and keeps them alive for the playoff hunt. Other thoughts on the game are below:

• Falcons opening drive was surgical, with Ryan going 4 of 6, moving the length of the field and getting 3 points. They also burned five and half minutes off the clock. After that they didn’t do much until very late in the 4th quarter
• Ravens opening drive was beautiful and Lamar didn’t run the ball until the last play of the drive when he ran 13 yards on an option all the way to the pylon. On that drive the Falcons shot themselves in the foot by getting called for a hand in the face penalty that gave the Ravens new life in their drive which would have stalled without that penalty
• Coaching staff called a perfect game today and played to weaknesses of the Falcons
• The option runs with Lamar and the RBs needs some work as they are having fumbling issues with the transfer almost every week – that really needs to be cleaned up
• The Ravens fans in Atlanta did a nice job making noise and there were few times I thought I was watching a home game given the noise they were making for the white and purple
• Suggs is not the player that he used to be but when the game situation calls for it – the guy can dial it up and give a tremendous effort which he did at times today
• Lamar has this bad habit of slinging these errant side arm passes on short routes and they look more like they belong in the back yard versus on an NFL field. He will have to master short passes if he is to enjoy a long career in the NFL
• Ravens defense really answered the call when the Falcons went for it on 4th and one yard early in the second quarter stopping their run for a 2-yard loss and great field position for the Ravens offense
• Lamar missed a wide-open John Brown that would have likely gone for a TD, but quite frankly this is what you get with a rookie quarterback and as fans you have to lower your expectations
• Crabtree drops yet another one which would have been a 1st down, but no worries on 4th down Sam Koch our back up quarterback throws a deep slant to Moore for a first down and I think the longest play from scrimmage on the day
• Lamar’s fumble which turned into a 74-yard return for the Falcons defense was momentum killer but fortunately for the Ravens they overcame it
• The helmet to helmet penalty call on Humphrey was a terrible call and cost the Ravens a 1st down – just awful
• Ladarius Smith had a tough game getting three penalties – he has to play smarter at this point in his career
• Snead drops a pass that would have extended a drive – so disappointing that Ravens can’t find good receivers with reliable hands
• Ravens secondary were tenacious today and had close coverage all afternoon – and they kept Julio Jones to two catches for 18 yards – absolutely stunning
• Ravens defense played incredibly well in the first half and held Atlanta to just 87 yards – that is amazing folks especially when you do that in their stadium
• Ravens defense hardly gave up any YAK today – they were suffocating
• Falcons defense could not stop the run but in fairness they didn’t give up any big runs for the most part. I would also say the Falcons were not fooled with any of the Ravens run options and misdirection
• Lamar needs to learn how to throw the ball out of bounds when he is out of the pocket – he gives up valuable yards when he doesn’t need to
• Congrats to RGIII who saw his first NFL playing time in over two years. So glad that we had him suited up today when Lamar was out
• Through the first 3 quarters of the game the Ravens defense held Atlanta to just 99 yards
• I would prefer to see Tucker kicking extra points versus FGs, but boy is Baltimore fortunate to have such an outstanding kicker – hit 4 FGs today
• With 7:25 seconds left in the game the Falcons offense had just 102 total yards and three points
• Peanut forces a fumble on Ryan and then Tavon Young picks off the ground for a TD which was bone crushing to the Atlanta offense
• Would have liked to see the Ravens defense play cleaner in terms of penalties as they committed 5 on Falcons one TD drive in the 4th quarter
• Falcons earned just 130 yards on the day, and they average over 400 yards a game – think about that for a minute
• Clark played pretty well replacing Tony Jefferson and accounted for 4 tackles

Game Predictions                                                                                                       Game Statistics
Score Ravens 30           Falcons 28                                                                        Ravens 26         Falcons 16
Turnovers                           Plus 1                                                                             Even
Net Rushing Yardage             Ravens 185       Falcons 88                     Ravens 207         Falcons 34
Net Passing Yardage                  Ravens 230          Falcons 289                        Ravens 159            Falcons 97

Miscellaneous Predictions
• Edwards gets his 3rd straight 100+ game                           No, he carried 21 times for 82 yards
• Julio Jones leads all receivers with 7 catches for 131 yards           No, 2 catches for 18 yards
• Ravens record 4 sacks (fingers crossed)                                        Almost, they got 3
• Refs make terrible calls                                                  Refs missed 12 men of defense

Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers
• Ravens win in the bird fight

Keys to the Game
• Run the ball and burn the clock                                         Correct, 49 carries and they burned 40 minutes of clock
• Pressure Ryan relentlessly                                               Correct, defense in his face all day
• Win the turnover battle                                                   Even on the day

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