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Ravens/Browns Post Game Recap

Congratulations to the Cleveland Browns who came into a hostile stadium and absolutely dominated the Ravens in this game. They racked up 531 yards and 40 points and they also take over first place in the AFC North which they deserve based on their play today. The Ravens defense got absolutely man handled today and I think you are seeing a defense that is absolutely lost. This for me will be the game of “blown coverages” and “missed tackles” and “no pass rush” The Ravens defense was so bad Wink put different guys out there to play in the second half. They gave up several big yardages plays today; I think there were 3 over 50 yards which tells you there are problems. The signing of Earl Thomas looks like a mistake to me after these first 4 games. Getting beat that bad at home has to create some shudders in the Castle. The Ravens were out coached and Kitchens exploited every weakness and tendency in the Ravens defense. I know I am on a rant here – but I was shocked at much stronger and faster the Browns looked when compared to the Ravens. This is going to be a long week for the Ravens as they assess how bad they played at home. Other thoughts on the game are listed below:

• Lamar was unable to lead the offense today to a victory and as a young QB he is going to need time to develop. When under pressure he has problems seeing the field and he too often stares down receivers down – so fans will have to be patient with him. Mistakes are going to come as you saw today but he will get better
• After getting within 6 points of the Browns the Ravens defense give up an 88-yard run by Chubb’s which was a knife in the heart to the Ravens comeback hopes and ultimately sealed the game for the Browns
• Today was a bad day for Ravens receivers who had 3 drops today
• McPhee and Wormley both blocked passes today which we need to see more, especially when you have no pass rush whatsoever – and I do mean absolutely none
• Down by 7 points Ingram’s fumble in the 3rd quarter which was the first turnover of the season for the Ravens was a costly one with Ravens on the 26-yard line and on the move to score
• Bozeman got blown back by the Cleveland front several times during the game and he was so bad in protection that I actually think the Ravens might have to look at other options as he can’t protect worth a lick. He was decent in the run game though
• Ravens Pass rush and pressure was absent after the first series of the game which put a lot of pressure on the coverage team who were not up to the challenge
• Almost from the beginning of the game things looked chippy between the teams – with lots of shoving after the whistle. I don’t think they like each other.
• Humphries who covered Beckham today did an outstanding job keeping him to 2 reception and 20 yards
• The middle of the field was open all day for the Browns today and they took advantage of it.
• Browns dominated the 1st quarter and their second possession was an impressive drive 8 1/5 minute that showed success on the ground and the air
• One has to wonder if the Ravens secondary coach is in trouble as the Browns had many plays today where the receivers were wide open with no one close. This is now three weeks in a row where we have been saying there are communications problems
• Mark Andrews dropped one today that was right in his hands, and as much as I Iove him I have to admit that it was dropped in part because he had alligator arms – and was really surprised to see that from him
• The Browns front four brought their A game today and the Ravens O line struggled to protect – giving up 4 sacks today
• The Browns secondary which was full of second stringers was able to hold the Ravens air attack to just 19 yards in the first half. Hats off to their secondary that did an amazing jot containing the Ravens air attack
• When Baker has time he can absolutely shred the secondary which he did to today as he put on a clinic for the Ravens. He was 20 of 30 for 343 yards and 1 TD.
• Browns Offensive Line did a great job against the Ravens front seven and they were able to run effectively
• It will be interesting if the pundits call this point out, but I thought the Ravens defense did a poor job tacking today and I saw on several occasions where the first and second man could not bring down the Browns player. Example – Landry gets a 10-yard pass and Jefferson, Peanut and Thomas all fail to bring him down and the play goes for 62 yards setting the Browns up for a late half score. This is so uncharacteristic for a Ravens defense
• Brandon Williams was a late scratch to play today and given how many yards the Ravens gave up on the ground you have to wonder how valuable he is in the middle
• It was nice to see Boykin get a TD today and be a part of the offense
• Refs absolutely missed the spot on the ball when the Browns were inside the 10 – and amazingly the crew in NY agreed – this is awful officiating
• One bright spot in the Ravens secondary was the play of Canady who had an interception and defended pass in key RedZone play that kept the Browns out of the end zone
• Landry had a big day for the Browns with 6 receptions and 126 yards in the first half alone, finishing with 167 yards on the day until he left with a concussion
• Special teams were solid today especially on kick coverage, keeping the Browns inside the 20 several times today
• The Ravens did keep their penalties down today committing just 3 for 15 yards
• Ravens running game was very good today but the Browns running game was better

Game Predictions

Score      Ravens    26      Browns 20                                                Ravens    25      Browns    40
Turnovers      Plus 1                                                                                                   Minus 2
Net Rushing Yardage      Ravens    170     Browns    110                             Ravens    173      Browns    193
Net Passing Yardage      Ravens    288     Browns    263                              Ravens    222      Browns    337

Miscellaneous Predictions

• Chubb gets 19 carries for 93 yards          Make that 20 carries and 165 yards
• Judon gets a sack and one PF penalty        Nope
• Lamar throws his first pick of the season        Correct, and make that 2 picks
• Refs make terrible calls                                   Correct

Keys to the Game

• Protect the rock                                            Nope – 3 for the day
• Play ball control football and keep Mayfield on the sidelines           Nope, Browns win TOP
• Stop the run and make them one dimensional           Nope, Ravens could not stop anything

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