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Ravens/Seahawks Post Game Recap

Baltimore Ravens get a big win in Seattle and did what many thought was beyond their reach. The deck was stacked against them and they responded with a brilliant game. Lamar Jackson and his ability to extend plays and to make big plays with his feet are a few of the reasons that the Ravens are having success. His allusiveness and creativity make anything possible even when it is third and long like we saw so many times today. Beating Russell Wilson on his home turf is a big deal and this game has to be a confidence builder for the Ravens and one you hope that they can build upon. Ravens protected the ball and the Seahawks did not -and that was the big difference today. Other thoughts on the game are detailed below.

• DeCosta is looking brilliant for trading to get Marcus Peters this past week. All he does is get a pick six on Russel Wilson who has not thrown an interception all year – absolutely brilliant!
• The opening drive from the Ravens was strong but they had to settle for three points when they got stuffed on 3rd and 2 when Stanley missed his block on Clowney who hit Edwards in the backfield
• Seeing Boykin get some action today was good to see and hopefully a sign of things to come
• Ravens kick return game is utterly nonexistent, when your best play is a fair catch or letting it go for a touchback – you pretty much suck
• I counted at least 4 or 5 big plays rendered by the Ravens defense but they did play tough in the red zone which kept the score close throughout the game
• Ravens defense gets two scores in this game and I don’t know many teams that can overcome that
• Judon got burned by Wilson when Judon cheated inside and let Wilson get around him for 8 yards which are mistakes that the Ravens have been making with some regularity this season
• Lockett is a great receiver and the Ravens kept him to just 60 yards on the day which is an achievement
• I counted drops by Hurst, Andrews (4), Snead, Roberts, today and Mark Andrews had a game that I think he will soon like to forget because he played like he had paddle hands today
• Red Zone trips by the Ravens. First – FG, Second – FG, Third – TD, Fourth – FG
• Ravens front four was again unable to apply any pressure on Russel Wilson and I am going to call out Judon, who is supposed to be our best – because he is a one trick pony who runs wide hoping that he can get the quarterback dropping back deep.
• Ravens struggled again today playing clean football getting called for 8 penalties for 75 yards
• Lamar threw a lot of passes low today which hurt his completion percentage, and the drops from his receiving group didn’t help either
• Apparently, the Refs hailed from the Seattle area because Seahawks got very few penalties called on them and none that really hurt them
• I am so sick and tired of receivers complaining after every simple play that they have been interfered with on their rout – and I have never seen it worse than with the Seahawks receivers. It seemed like on every incompletion the Seahawks receiver was whipping his head around looking for the Ref’s flag
• In the first half the Ravens could not get the Seahawks off the field on 3rd down but the second half was mostly Ravens and it kept Wilson from mounting any come back
• One play that caught my attention was when Trey Flowers hit Mark Andrews on a 3rd down pass and de-cleated him and Andrews was stopped dead in his tracks – which is saying something given his size
• The Seahawks did a decent job defending the run in the first half, and they had 8 in the box to stop it, but when you have Lamar in the mix – not many teams can stuff you all day long. With Hollywood out most teams are not worried about us throwing deep down field
• Lamar has to avoid having temper tantrums when things don’t go his way, most notably when Skura was slow to snap the ball causing a delay of game penalty – those outbursts will diminish with age and experience
• Harbaugh will get criticized for going for it on 4th and 2 yards with the score tied and I agree it is uncoventenal and generally ill advise, but when you have the speed and running skills of Lamar Jackson you are going to get tempted to do that more often
• Gus the Bus looked good today and I think one of things he did well was that he hit hole fast which seemed to produce better yardage. I like that Coach Roman started using Gus when Ingram seemed stymied
• Ravens rushed for 199 yards today and Lamar had another 100 rushing day which is spectacular
• L. J. Forte, who was unemployed just weeks ago, had a big game today with six tackles and two of them for a loss. Hard to believe that no one wanted this guy and now he is a big piece of our defense. The same could also be said for Bynes who also had a big day and registered 8 tackles
• The Ravens winning by 2 TDs and Lamar passing for just 141 yards seems incongruent

Game Predictions

Score      Ravens   23       Seahawks 31           Ravens   30      Seahawks   16
Turnovers            Minus 1                                         Plus 2
Net Rushing Yardage      Ravens  172       Seahawks   112         Ravnes   199    Seahawks 106
Net Passing Yardage       Ravens   230       Seahawks   311         Ravens   141       Seahawks   241

Miscellaneous Predictions

• Wilson passes for over 300 yards, and runs for over 40 yards            No and No
• Ravens are down by two scores by the end of the first quarter             Nope, they were tied
• Lamar rushes for over 100 yards for the second straight game             Correct, he ran for 116
• Refs make terrible calls            Correct, several and some blatant misses

Keys to the Game

• Run the ball and burn the clock – Keep Russel on the sidelines TOP was even on the day, but Ravens dominated the second half
• Don’t give up the big plays             No, they gave up more than you would like to see
• TDs in the RedZone – FGs won’t cut it            No, offense had 3 FGs but they had 2 defensive scores
• Play clean football             No, they had 8 penalties of which a few negated big plays

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