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Ravens/Bengals Post Game Recap 11-10-19

The Ravens came out fast and furious getting on the board quickly setting the tone for the day. There was no indication of a let down game from the Ravens, especially from the offense. Sam Koch pretty much had the day off and didn’t see the field except for extra point holds and his one lone punt with a minute left in the game. The game seemed in hand once the Ravens had a two-touchdown lead. With the this victory the Ravens keep the 2-game lead on the Steelers. One thing I didn’t like in this game was how well the Bengals offense moved the ball, converted on 3rd downs and stayed on the field. I know it might seem overly critical to point this out when your defense creates 3 turnovers and two of them for scores, but this game will serve as notice to upcoming opponents that you can run on this Ravens defense. If the Bengals had made some better play calls in certain situations, I think they could have easily scored over 25 points. Other thoughts on the game are detailed below:

• Uncharacteristically the Ravens had possession of the ball for a mere 24 minutes today, which is just shocking
• Crowd noise was a non-issue in this game, it sounded more like a high school football game
• Opening drive for the Ravens 5 plays, 1 run, 4 passes and 7 points. Ravens sending the message early to the Bengals if you load the box we will throw down field
• On the second drive the Ravens go for it on 4th and 3 getting it done on a short pass to Andrews to keep the drive alive. Instead of punting in that situation the Ravens keep it going and the drive culminates in their second touchdown
• Ravens run defense looked very soft today especially since they were facing the worst run offense in the league. Ravens gave up way too many yards after first contact and gave up 102 yards on the ground in the first half alone – as the Bengals had 5.8 yards per carry – how does that happen?
• Harbaugh really had the players ready today as they came out fast getting out to an early lead let’s the players play loose
• Today should have been National Tight End Day as the Ravens tight ends collected 12 catches, 151 yards and 2 TDs
• Peanut lost his jock on one play with Mixon juking right past him for a gain of 23 yards
• Ravens defense did not tackle well today and I saw many plays where the Bengals runner got yards after contact. I would have like to seen more defenders swarming to the ball – to many one on one tackles where no help came quickly
• Marcus Peters got his second pick six today for the Ravens which is making GM DeCosta look like a genius. I hope that Peters has a few more of those in the tank before this season ends
• Jimmy Smith did not have his best day as he missed a few tackles and looked pretty soft in coverage
• The second half opening drive by the Bengals looked like it was going to end in another score and Bengals fumbled with Thomas getting the recovery
• Finley did a great job scrambling out of the pocket and had some really nice runs against the Ravens front
• Today was yet another game with absolutely little to no pressure from the Ravens on the quarterback
• Judon was playing with some fire today and was the only one who looked like he played with any intensity
• Coach Horton has to step up his game with special teams. Other than the kicking game, coverage is weak, and return game is lack luster. Also, how can the Ravens special teams be offsides twice in a game, this is unacceptable? Coach Horton is not going to be here in 2020 if doesn’t show some improvement in the second half of the season
• Lamar Jackson’s 47-yard TD run in the 3rd quarter was an amazing run and his acceleration coming out of his jukes and spins is why he can outrun the defenders around him
• Ravens linebackers had a lot of trouble filling the running gaps as well as coverage in the crossing routes
• Great play by Bowser who scooped the fumble from Ricard’s hit on Finley and took it to the house. This is a nice trend we are seeing from the Ravens defense who seem to know what to do when the get ball on turn overs
• For what it is worth the Bengals out rushed the Ravens today, had more first downs, and dominated TOP – but lost by a million
• Ravens scored seven touch downs and no field goals today – can’t remember the last time that I saw that happen

Game Predictions
Score      Ravens    31     Bengals    19                               Ravens    49      Bengals   13
Turnovers      Plus 2                                                                               Plus 2
Net Rushing Yardage      Ravens    228      Bengals    88                       Ravens   136     Bengals   157
Net Passing Yardage      Ravens    231       Bengals    188                   Ravens   243     Bengals   150

Miscellaneous Predictions

• Gus carries 9 times for 52 yards          Nope, just 4 carries and 17 yards
• Peanut leads all tacklers with 9           Nope, not even close – just two on the day
• Peters get his second interception            Correct, and for a TD
• Refs make terrible calls                     Correct, they ignored the holding call

Keys to the Game

• Don’t turn the ball over and you win!          Correct, two plus in the TOs
• Run 30+ times and dominate TOP                    Incorrect, just 24 rushes on the day
• Rattle the Rookie and force mistakes                Correct, fumbled and threw an interception

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