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Ravens/Patriiots Post Game Recap

The league is on notice now as the Ravens beat the undefeated Patriots and they did so in defining fashion. Football is very much a game of momentum and the team that can hold on to that the longest usually wins. Tonight’s game was a great example of how this plays out in a game. With the Ravens absolutely dominating the Patriots in the first 20 minutes of the game, the unthinkable happens and Cyrus Jones who is usually very sure handed gets a case of the yips and coughs up the ball deep in Ravens territory. An absolute back breaker mistake that seemed to deflate the Ravens mojo for the rest of the 1st half. The Ravens overcame this adversity and fought to get their game back on track. And although the Pats fought back to make it close, the Ravens never let them take the lead. Long drives that ended in TDs was why the Ravens won this one outright. Keep in mind that 10 of the Patriots points were from the Ravens two turnovers. Other thoughts on the game are detailed below:

• Opening drive for the Ravens was well played and the TD run by Lamar was brilliantly executed as once Patrick Ricard put the lumber on the defensive end there was no one on the field that was going to beat Lamar to the edge
• Ravens held the ball for 37 minutes and if you can do that you are typically going to win the game
• You could see Brady’s frustration tonight being stuck on the bench and having no way to impact the game
• The Patriots jumping offsides inside the 10-yard line was uncharacteristic and was costly for them – giving the Ravens a first down
• The Ravens had the ball for almost 13 minutes of the 1st quarter, which by the way is the best way to keep Brady from beating you
• The Ravens used some great blocking schemes throughout the game which kept the Pats off kilter, and I can’t say enough for how well the Ravens O line performed
• Cyrus Jones killed the game momentum with his muffed punt early in the second quarter and it helped the Patriots back in the game – so crucial that you play all three phases of the game well
• Brady is the dink and dunk King, and there is no one in the world that can do that better than him
• The Patriots first TD to Sanu was clearly an illegal pick and the Refs missed that call completely
• With 1:43 left in the 2nd quarter the Pats went 80 yards but they had to settle for a FG
• Humphrey’s PF helmet to helmet on Ben Watson was a stupid play and shortened the field for the Pats on final drive of the half – he has to play smarter
• The Ravens defense did a good job holding the Pats to FGs in the first half which is no small task
• Sanu had a big game against the Ravens secondary with 10 receptions and 81 yards
• Ravens did not throw downfield much which kept the Pats playing 8 in the box much of the game
• Peanut forcing the ball out on Edelman early in the 3rd quarter which Humphrey took to the house was huge especially given how well the Pats were moving the ball on their opening drive
• The Ravens kept only 4 defensive linemen for this game and it really hurt them in the second half when the Pats did played hurry up offense which they did for most of the game
• The Refs missed some egregious holding calls on the Patriots O line
• Teams are learning that if you can kick it short of the goal line, they can pin the Ravens back inside the 20-yard line, because we have no return game whatsoever
• Lamar continues to have trouble going through his reads and finding the second and third receivers
• Lamar’s ability to create something out of nothing with his legs is why the Ravens are doing so well on converting 3rd downs
• The Ravens offense answering the Patriots TD in the 3rd quarter was key because the defense was really gassed and the eight-minute drive was what was needed
• Tucker missing the extra point would have to happen when we are playing the Patriots
• Josh Bynes had a primo opportunity to get a pick six but it was not meant to be
• What a game for Nick Boyle who made some big plays and he also got his first career TD which is unbelievable that it has taken this long
• I don’t think I have ever seen Coach Belichick so heated on the sidelines as I did this evening – the man was genuinely pissed off
• You don’t see many games where the Patriots make costly penalties but this game was an exception to the rule
• How about the Ravens secondary who didn’t get any PI penalties, can’t remember that last time I have seen that happen
• How about the Ravens defense, and specifically Humphrey, who has scored in back to back games

Enjoy the game and stay thirsty my friends.

Game Predictions
Score      Ravens    24      Patriots    23          Ravens   37      Patriots   20
Turnovers     Minus 1                                            Even
Net Rushing Yardage      Ravens    121      Patriots    94          Ravens   210      Patriots   74
Net Passing Yardage      Ravens    186      Patriots    244          Ravens   162     Patriots   268

Miscellaneous Predictions

• Edelman leads all receivers in both receptions and yards          Correct, 10 catches for 89 yards
• McCourty gets one pick             Nope, no INTs
• Lamar runs for < 60 year           Incorrect, Lamar had 61 yards

• Refs make terrible calls           Correct, missed the illegal pick

Keys to the Game

Convert on 3rd down and move the chains           Correct, they were 5 of 10

Pressure Brady up the middle                                      Sort of

No turnovers/Minimize penalties <6                       Correct, only 4 penalties for 34 yards

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