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Ravnes/Jets Post Game Recap 12-12-19

The Ravens win the AFC North Division Title and with just one more win can lock the number one seed in the AFC! To add to the celebration – Lamar Jackson breaks the all-time single season rushing record for quarterbacks breaking Vick’s record set in 2006! The Ravens scored on their first 3 possessions and the game was over about 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter. The Ravens extend their winning streak to ten in a row and can now enjoy a few days extra rest before they go to Cleveland. Other thoughts on the game are listed below:

• Ravens offensive line did a very good job both in the run game and in protection. James Hurst did well at left tackle filling in for the injured Stanley
• Ravens opening drive goes 85 yards for 7 points and marks the 11th time this season that the Ravens have scored first in the game
• Kickoff and punt coverage team played poorly tonight giving up runs in excess of 30+ yards and giving good field position to the Jets
• When the Jets kicker Ficken missed the 49-yard FG attempt and the extra point, what do you think the Jet’s fans are saying at home?
• Congrats to Patrick Ricard who not only plays offense and defense, but on special teams play got some hand on Ficken’s first FG attempt
• Tucker missed an extra point for the second time this season – seriously what the heck is going on here?
• Ravens Special Teams played terrible in this game and it was perhaps their worst game of the season. This group needs a lot of work and it needs to get right in a hurry
• Ravens Offensive Possessions – 1st – TD, 2nd – TD, 3rd – TD, 4th – Punt, 5th – Punt, 6th – Punt, 7th – TD, 8th – TD, 9th – Punt, 10th – TD, 11th – Punt, 12th –
• In the 1st quarter alone the Ravens rushed for 99 yards and averaged 11 yards per carry – and this against the leagues best rushing defense as measured by yards per carry given up – Impressive!
• Jet’s receivers looked open a lot in this game with lots of separation
• How exciting is it to have a talent like Hollywood Brown who has crazy speed, great hands, and end line awareness. Lamar and Brown have a great opportunity to TD machines in the games and years to come
• Crowder’s drop in the end zone was one of the worst I have seen in recent history, but good for him for making a great catch on the very next play for a TD in very tight coverage. Crowder owned the Ravens secondary and I won’t share the stats because I don’t want to see it print
• The Ravens wide receiver’s, specifically Snead and Boykin do an outstanding job blocking downfield on runs and is partly why the Ravens can get big chunk runs
• Brandon Carr’s missed tackle on 3rd and 7 to keep the Jets drive alive is not going to get him more snaps on this deep defense
• Ravens 4-man rush is one of the worst statistically in the league at getting pressure, and it showed quite a bit this evening as Sam had plenty of time to throw
• Jimmy Smith made an outstanding play defending a pass on 4th and one yard to break up what would have been a sure TD
• Most shocking stats of the first half was that the Jet’s offense had the ball for 17 minutes, gained 200 yards and 6 of 9 on 3rd down – and this from the League’s 31st worst offense
• Things I hate to see – going three and out to open the 2nd half – very unsatisfying
• The Jets make shift offensive line did well against the Ravens front four both in run blocking and protection
• After getting gashed in the first 3 possessions the Jet’s defense adjusted well and Coach Williams had that defense stuffing the Ravens 3 straight possessions
• When you score touch downs on your possessions instead of FGs you are going to win a lot of games
• The special team’s penalties by the Ravens in the 4th quarter was embarrassing. Harbaugh has to be furious at poorly they played – they get an F!
• Ravens go for it on 4th and 1 at their own 30-yard line and throw it for a 36-yard pass. Not sure I would have called that play or even gone for it, but wow!
• The movement call on Makeri was a terrible call as was the refs missing the ball hitting Levine on the punt – Jets got robbed
• Lamar Jackson has to be a lock for league MVP. His stat line in this game includes 86 rushing, 212 passing, 5 TD’s, and QB rating of 138.4. Just another day at the office for him and keep in mind he did that against one of the better defensive units in the league
• As I predicted Bell came out with a fire in his belly and he did have his best game of the year against the Ravens. Let the man go bowing for crying out loud!

Game Predictions

Score     Ravens    27      Jets    19       Ravesn   42      Jets   21
Turnovers           Even                  Plus 2

Net Rushing Yardage      Ravens    130       Jets    84         Ravens   218     Jets   103
Net Passing Yardage      Ravens    221       Jets    161          Ravesn   212       Jets   203

Miscellaneous Predictions

• Gus leads RBs with 11 carries for 42 yards       Nope, not even close
• Boykin gets 1 catch for 8 yards        Close, 1 catch for 5 yards and a TD
• Ravens commit 6 penalties for 58 yards        Actually, 6 for 35 yards
• Refs make terrible calls           Correct, noted in the comments above

Keys to the Game

• Don’t turn the ball over and you win!       Yep!
• Score in the red zone          Correct – everytime in fact
• Pressure Darnold and force mistakes       Correct, one forced fumble and one INT

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