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Ravens/Titans Post Game Recap 1-11-20

Congratulations to the Tennessee Titans who came into the nest and absolutely out played the Ravens in all phases of the game. Coach Vrable along with his coaching staff called a brilliant game and kept the Ravens on their heels all night. Tonight, you saw a Titans defensive line dominate the Ravens O line on 4th down and short – not once, but twice – something we have not seen all season. That was the story of the night as the Titans imposed their will on the Ravens offense and kept them out of the end zone until the 4th quarter. Then just as advertised – Derek Henry took the game over and ran over the Ravens defense for big runs. Not many pundits saw this coming and I certainly didn’t expect the Ravens to struggle so much to score points. What appeared to be destiny for this Ravens team ended with a thud in the most unexpected way. It was a fun season to watch but ended suddenly tonight. Other thoughts on the game are below:

• Lamar Jackson had an MVP season, but he didn’t have an MVP game as he gave up the ball three times. No one expected Lamar to throw the ball 59 times in this game
• Turnovers and penalties will bite you every time and tonight it took chunk out of the Ravens back side
• Tonight, was a bad night for the Ravens receivers as they had a case of the dropsies which is uncharacteristic for this group
• For what it is worth – Tannehill had 2 TDs and a total of 88 yards
• I thought the Ravens defense looked flat and confused at times and didn’t seem ready for what the Titans were bringing to this game. Given the game situation you were hoping that the Ravens would come out of the gate with a sense of purpose
• I felt the Ravens abandoned the run way too early and would have liked to Gus get some carries to start the second half
• Ravens opening drive to start the second half was sloppy and disjointed and in the end was stopped on downs ending in no points
• Tannehill’s 45-yard TD bomb to Raymond was a perfect throw and Humphries wasn’t within 5 yards of him and Clark who was deep was a good 10 yards away
• Ravens were totally out of sync in the first quarter and couldn’t see to get anything on track on either side of the ball until half way through the 2nd quarter
• Derek Henry is deserving of the hype, when he gets into the open field his quickness and strength make him one tough ombre to bring down
• The Ravens defensive stop late in the 2nd quarter was critical because it gave the ball back to the offense with 2 and ½ minutes which the offense turned into 3 points
• Hollywood’s one-handed catch on the 5-yard line has to be one of the greatest catches in Raven’s history
• When Seth Roberts dropped that pass that was right on his hands you just had that sick feeling in your stomach that maybe all this talk about rust has something to it
• Tannehill’s scamper to get the first down to keep that second drive alive was a great play and then Peanut hits Tannehill out of bounds giving the Titans another 15 yards putting them in great field position
• Crowd noise was outstanding tonight for the first 10 minutes of the game then after that not so much as the Titans took the crowd out of the game
• Jackson’s interception off the hands of Andrews on the opening drive is something we have seen a lot of this year in that Lamar tends to throw high early in games

• Earl Thomas’ blitz sack was huge and pushed the Titans off the goal line
• Not sure why Brandon Carr was covering Brown down by the goal line – seems to me that you would want one of top corners on that guy
• Ravens O line gave Lamar time to throw much of the time, but when the game was on the line the Titans D line came up with some big sacks
• Ingram didn’t look himself early and it was clear that his leg injury was not allowing him to blow through the line. What I didn’t understand why they didn’t use Gus to pick up the load.
• On 4th and one to start the 2nd quarter the Ravens come up short and give the ball to Tennessee in great field position. You have to take your hat off to Dean Pees and the Titan defense who were ready for the Jackson QB dive
• Brandon Williams tackle of Henry for a 4-yard loss was great defensive statement and a much-needed momentum changer for the Ravens
• How the Refs didn’t call the elbow to the head on Lamar when he was on the ground is mystifying and just another example of very poor officiating
• Three drops by Ravens receivers in the first half alone were drive killers and stifled the offensive momentum
• For the second time this year DeAnthony Thomas gets called for a penalty for blocking after he has called for a fair catch – this is absolutely unacceptable if you punt return because you have to know that rule – absolutely killed our field position
• Ravens coaching staff were out coached in this game and seemed unprepared for the Titans game plans

Game Predictions

Score      Ravens    30       Titans    20          Ravens   12      Titans 28
Turnovers              Plus 1                                              Minus 3
Net Rushing Yardage      Ravens    211       Titans    132         Ravens    185     Titans   217
Net Passing Yardage       Ravens    189       Titans    176          Ravens   345     Titans   83

Miscellaneous Predictions

• Judon gets 2 sacks               Nope – never heard the guy’s name call all night
• Lamar throws for two and runs for one            Nope – two picks, one fumble were the stats of note
• Dan Fouts commentary continues to tick off Ravens fans – Correct!
• Refs make terrible calls                 Correct – Missed several calls

Keys to the Game
• Protect the rock!          Nope – coughed the ball up three times
• Play Ravens ball control football         Nope – could not sustain drives
• Stop Derrick Henry <110 yards             Nope – Henry ran for 195 yards


  1. Phil Fontaine says:

    Dan, excellent analysis of a painful experience. Always a Raven’s fan no matter where my home is. God bless you & your family.

    1. Dan Gahagan says:

      Thanks Phil, all the best to you and your family! Give my best to Kate.

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