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September 21, 2014 – Browns – Pregame

The Ravens are coming off a decisive win against the Steelers and now head into Cleveland for their 3rd consecutive intra-division game.  The Browns seem to be a new and improved team this year and they are featuring a lively running game with the baby back rookies – Terrance West (TU stand out) and Isaiah Crowell, not to mention Ben Tate who came to them in the off season.  Beating the Saints at home also served noticed to the league that this is not the same old Browns.  Personally, I don’t think the Ravens are heading into Cleveland thinking that this will be a walk over win.  They beat us last year and their defense was very tough to move the ball against.  However, the Ravens are coming off a 10 day rest and I think the extra time, given their injuries, will help give them the added edge to win this game.  For the record, the Ravens are 11-1 in the last 12 games and I would expect that trend to continue.  One concern for the Ravens is that Flacco was sick this week and did miss at least one practice.  Let’s hope that is at full health as he will need to be sharp to beat the Browns on the road and let’s all hope he can get going early.  This game is likely to be close but the Ravens are the better team and this is one road win in their schedule that cannot afford to lose – and they know that.  Enjoy the game and stay thirsty my friends.


Cleveland Browns hosting the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, September 21st @ 1:00 PM     Odds – Ravens by 1


versus                                 You


Game Predictions

Score:                   Ravens  24  Browns 23

Turnovers:           Plus 1

Rushing:               Ravens 134 yards/Browns 104 yards

Passing:                Ravens 248 yards/Browns 211 yards


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Ravens RBs combine for 28 carries for 134
  • Senior has 7 receptions for 83 yards
  • Jacoby takes one to the house
  • Joe Thomas handles Sizzle and holds him sackless again
  • Refs make terrible calls


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Browns get Cundiff’ed
  • Another ugly win by the Ravens

Keys to the Game

  • Win the turnover battle
  • Convert on 3rd downs
  • Win the line of scrimmage

January 7, 2015 – Patriots – Pregame

The Ravens coming off the big win in Pittsburg head into Foxboro to take on the number one seed New England Patriots.  The Patriots are the best team in the AFC and during the regular season they defeated the other playoff teams (Colts, Broncos and Bengals) by a combined score of 128 to 55.  They didn’t just win those games, they absolutely crushed them.  Clearly the Patriots would have preferred to play one of those teams over the Ravens, because the Ravens are one of the few teams in the NFL that has defeated the Patriots at home multiple times.  Since 2010, the Ravens have played the Patriots in the post season three times (all of them in Foxboro) and have lost only once, and that was the game where Lee Evans dropped a game winning TD and then Cundiff followed by missing a chip shot.  It is hard to put your finger on it, but for some reason the Ravens historically give the Patriots trouble.  In spite of the fact that the Patriots are dominant at home – you can be certain that the Ravens won’t enter Gillette Stadium trembling with fear.  In fact, I would expect the Ravens to go in there with their typical swagger and play  ball so hard snap to whistle.  The Patriots are not taking this game likely and Belichick is not looking past the RavensBrady is not getting any younger and Belichick knows that he only has a few more chances with him.  Belichick will have his team ready and he will game plan to neutralize our offensive weapons.  I expect Brady to throw quick release dinks and dunks with laser accuracy to keep the pass rush from playing havoc with the offense.  The linebackers and secondary will have their hands full and they will really have to lay the lumber on the Patriot receivers coming through the middle in the hopes that they flinch and develop alligator arms as the game progresses.  Last Saturday we saw what the Ravens can do when they play their best.  The winning formula for this week is almost identical to last week– come with solid game plans on both sides of the ball, dominate the line of scrimmage, win the turnover battle and play clean, error and penalty free football.  The fact is the Ravens are playing with house money so why not go all in this week and bring all you have to the game.  The challenge I see coming for the Ravens this Saturday is this – their running game is faltering of late and their receivers Smith and Senior will be matched up against Revis and Browner who are both very solid corners.  I expect that it will be tough sledding both on the ground and in the air in what is expected to be a very cold day in Foxboro.  January Joe is pure money in the playoffs and he has played lights out his last 5 playoff games and his stats are Montana like.  That said, I think the match ups this week favor the Patriots and I think they win in a very close game that is decided in the 4th quarter.  I hope that I have this wrong.  Enjoy the game and stay thirsty my friends.


New England Patriots hosting the Baltimore Ravens – Saturday – January 10th @ 4:35 PM    Odds  by 7   





Game Predictions
Score Ravens 27 Patriots 30
Turnovers Plus 1
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 77 Patriots 84
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 237 Patriots 287


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Steve Smith gets called for a PF penalty
  • Flacco will have a better QBR than Brady
  • Gronkowski leads all receivers with 7 receptions and 96 yards
  • Refs make terrible calls


Possible Sunday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Ravens get Gronked!
  • Road ends in Foxboro for Ravens


Keys to the Game

  • Get pressure on Brady with your front four and get pressure up the middle
  • Win the turnover battle
  • Convert on 3rd downs and burn up the clock



September 21, 2014 – Browns – Recap

The Ravens come away from Cleveland with a classic Ravens win – ugly in many ways and a cliff hanger to the end.  One of the best players on the field for the Ravens was Billy Cundiff.  So glad that the Browns have him now.  The Ravens running game gouged the Browns defense for much of the game which was huge because it helped keep the Browns off the field.  Today’s game was one of the more costly that we have had in while.  By my count there were several players that were either injured or nicked up – which included Pitta (likely out for a long time, Suggs, Monroe, Jimmy Smith, Canty and few others.  Hopefully they will bounce back quickly.  The good news is – today the Ravens found a way to win in spite of some obvious mistakes and team weaknesses.  There play in the last 3 minutes of the game was brilliant!  Other thoughts below:


  • Taliaferro and Forsett are producing nicely  – makes we wonder if Pierce will move to 3rd on the depth chart
  • If Pitta’s injury is as severe as it looked, this offense is likely to take a step backwards in the passing game L
  • The Ravens secondary looks terrible!  Coverage is soft, tackling is horrible and Asia Jackson got smoked all day long and Webb looked like a rookie!
  • There was absolutely no pass rush today – Brian Hoyer looked as fresh as a daisy at the end of the game
  • Didn’t like Harbaugh’s call to go for it on 4th down instead of going for the 3 points – there was way too much time on the clock for that call in my opinion
  • Is it me, or does Torrey Smith look like he is out of sync?  From what I can see he is taking a lot of plays off and not giving a 100%
  • Jacoby has literally disappeared from the offense, it doesn’t help that he has forgotten how to catch
  • Although the defense gave up 375 yards, they did find a way to stop the Browns in the 4th quarter when it counted most which was nice to see
  • Matt Elam had his worst game as a Raven, terrible in coverage, got burned long, and missed several tackles
  • Suggs and Upshaw did a terrible job setting the edge and there were several big yardage plays off the ends
  • Not sure why this is, but on short yardage plays – the Ravens just can’t seem to get the job done – and it has been that way for long time
  • Senior is really emerging as the go to guy on our team and he is making some big plays in big situations
  • Ravens fullbackKyle Juszczyk is the first player from Harvard with a receiving TD since Pat McInally on Dec. 21, 1980 – way to go Kyle!
  • Tucker and Sam had another very good day kicking and were key to our victory today


Game Predictions

Score:                   Ravens  24  Browns 23                23/21

Turnovers:           Plus 1                                                                                   Minus 1

Rushing:               Ravens 134 yards/Browns 104 yards                        160/91

Passing:                Ravens 248 yards/Browns 211 yards                        217/284


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Ravens RBs combine for 28 carries for 134 33 rushes for 160
  • Senior has 7 receptions for 83 yards 5 receptions for 101 yards
  • Jacoby takes one to the house No returns
  • Joe Thomas handles Sizzle and holds him sackless again Correct
  • Refs make terrible calls Joe’s TD was missed twice – on field and in the booth. Make no mistake it was a TD


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Browns get Cundiff’ed
  • Another ugly win by the Ravens

Keys to the Game

  • Win the turnover battle Incorrect
  • Convert on 3rd downs Incorrect – 4 of 12 is not getting it done
  • Win the line of scrimmage O Line did a good job on running game and pass protection was decent

September 12, 2014 – Steelers – Recap

The Ravens take care of business and take down the Steelers in what is an uncharacteristic beat down.  Winning by 20 points was convincing and the win was much needed.  The Ravens played under control in this game and seem to follow a very scripted game plan.  Flacco had only 29 attempts which just goes to show you that when we run the ball effectively we are pretty tough to beat.  Both the offensive and defensive lines did a nice job controlling the line of scrimmage and the Ravens overall were the much more physical team.  The Steelers played sloppy and racked up 4 or so personal fouls.   Big Ben was unable to get the ball in the end zone and this was the first time in 31 games that he was unable to do that.  The Ravens get a nice break now and hopefully get some guys healthy before we head into Cleveland.  Other thoughts below:

  • It was great seeing them get Owen Daniels into the game plan – 2 TDs – not too shabby
  • Dumervil showed up big with 2 sacks and a lot of close calls
  • I’ll say it again – Sizzle!  Where you at?
  • Not sure if you noticed, but Elam was all over the place last night and recorded 10 tackles
  • Mosley looked good too and continues to show great speed to the ball – and he forced a turn over
  • Loved the hit on Big Ben by Upshaw – it is just a shame that a chest hit like that is called a penalty
  • I think it is going to be a fun year watching Steve Smith – he was made for Ravens football and brings some tude to the offense
  • Flacco was 21 of 29, he was sharp, he was decisive and he got the job done
  • It was great to see Pierce have a good game – he protected the ball, and enjoyed 4.36 yards per carry – well done!
  • I was disappointed that the Ravens could not punch the ball through the end zone on the ground  – would like to see that improve
  • Our secondary is a bit soft and they really need Webb to get healthy and back on the field
  • Ngata did not record a tackle, was not close to getting Ben – not saying he stinks (did have an INT) but not sure that he is earning the big pay check
  • Tucker showed off his big leg last night and Sam averaged 55 yards on his punts


Game Predictions

Score:                  Ravens  20   Steelers19                 26/6

Turnovers:          Plus 1                                                                                    Plus 3

Rushing:              Ravens 98 yards/ Steelers  97 yards                          157/99

Passing:               Ravens 252 yards/ Steelers 266 yards                      166/202


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • T-Sizzle finally shows up in the stat book and records his first sack of the year No sacks, but he did have 3 tackles
  • Ravens score 14 points in the first half Incorrect – Only 10 points
  • Pitta, Senior & Smith all each have 4+ receptions and 60 yards receiving Incorrect – Only Senior hit the mark
  • Coach Tomlin will be noticeable absent from the kick coverage team Correct – He stayed well off the line this time
  • Refs make terrible calls


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Ravens defend home court and get back on track
  • Justin Time!!


Keys to the Game

  • Get off to a fast start – as in the 1st quarter   Scored first and on their first drive
  • Win in the special teams play and control field position   They did a very good job controlling field position
  • Protect the rock                                                                   No turnovers and clearly a big difference in this game



September 28, 2014 – Panthers – Recap

As predicted Senior had a career game against the Panthers racking up 7 catches for 139 yards and 2 TDs.  He had something to prove today and boy did he ever.  The Ravens dominated this game throughout and it was essentially over by halftime.  The Ravens still have work to do to get better, but they did what good teams do and that is to beat inferior teams at home.  Hats off to James Hurst today who was filling in for Monroe – his name didn’t come up at all and Flacco was not sacked albeit he was hit a few times.  Sitting at 3-1 feels good and they need to build off these wins since the schedule gets tougher as we face some very good teams on the road.  Other thoughts on the game below:


  • Flacco looked good and threw some nice passes down field for big plays racking up 327 yards and 3 TD passes
  • Torrey was getting some nice separation today which is nice to see and getting his first TD of the season was big
  • I may be wrong on this, but I think if I was Kubiak I would move Marlon Brown ahead of Jacoby on the depth chart  – Jones has forgotten how to catch
  • Pierce practiced this week but didn’t see any snaps, I wonder if he too has moved from 1st to 3rd on the depth chart
  • Our secondary is pretty soft and I suspect that this will continue to be our Achilles heel this season
  • Elam and Stewart are the weakest links in our secondary and got burned several times, though the tackling was better today
  • Suggs and Dumervil were much more effective in their pass rush and they were getting pressure fairly consistently
  • Our rush defense is looking stout right now and when we get Jernigan back on the field we will be that much stronger
  • Not sure how the Ravens kept the Panthers to 10 points when they gave up 315 yards and 20 first downs, but I’ll take it
  • The Ravens were 10 of 13 on 3rd down conversions which has to be a record for any Ravens team
  • I almost hate to bring this up, but did you know that the Ravens are tied for the least amount of penalty yards – let’s hope that trend continues
  • CJ Mosley is quietly putting together a very good rookie year and he is on track to lead the team in tackles based on the first 4 games


Game Predictions

Score:  Ravens 26  Panthers 20                   38/10


Turnovers:          Plus 1                                                                                    Correct

Rushing:             Ravens 145 yards/Panthers  82 yards                        127/67

Passing:              Ravens yards 233/Panthers  264 yards                      327/248


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Ravens run the 3 headed monster  (Pierce/Forsett/Taliaferro) 30+ times Correct:  30 rushes for 127 yards
  • Maybe, I emphasize maybe, Suggs get his first sack of the season Correct:  ½ sack
  • Torrey has his first solid day of the year with 5 catches for 65 yards 2 catches for 53 yards but he drew 2 PI calls for big plays as well
  • Refs make terrible calls                                                                                                 Didn’t like the PF call on Canty


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Ravens do the Lorenzo stomp on the Panthers (this reference will only make sense to those more mature members – link below provided)
  • Gravity takes Newton down









October 5, 2014 – Colts – Recap

First, a big shout out to the Baltimore Orioles who swept the Detroit Tigers in 3 games beating some the best starters in the game.  Let’s go get the ALCS #WeWontStop.


So my concerns going into this game were realized when the Ravens prove again that their offensive play on the road is woefully lacking.  I know that many of the fans will blame Flacco for the lack luster performance, but in my opinion it was a total and complete team effort.  Bad line play, dropped passes, errant passes, stupid penalties and suspect play calling all contributed to an overall bad for the Ravens.  When you consider that we had possession of the ball for only 1/3 of the game it is absolutely amazing that we only lost by 7 points.  Other thoughts below:


  • Ravens right tackle James Hurst got schooled today and he got beat bad by the Colts defensive ends
  • Despite the what the stats will say about yards given up – you have to be impressed with their effort in Lucas Field against a very good Colts offense
  • It was almost shocking how good the Colts offensive and defensive lines looked today against the Ravens – who knew?
  • CJ Mosley is really becoming a top rate LB, he sheds tacklers with skill is all over the field – I love this guy!
  • Daryl Smith, I thought, played poorly today and was unable to get off his blocks on these inside running plays
  • Webb is still getting into game shape and is not at his best right now but having him in the secondary does make them a lot better
  • I didn’t count the dropped passes from our receivers today, but some of them really hurt our ability to move the chains
  • Ravens were 1 for 11 on 3rd down – that is pathetic no matter who you are playing
  • I love Sizzle, but he doesn’t have the same game with his age and injuries – for much of the day he was man handled by a tight end
  • Is it me  or does Dean Pees hate to blitz?  Or is it that they do and they still don’t get pressure on the QBs
  • Ngata leads the team in interceptions and is likely to hold that statistical lead for some time at this rate
  • Today Senior had a key drop and a fumble today and looked like he was every bit of 35 years old
  • Bernard Pierce was running great, not sure why he didn’t get more touches in this game
  • Torrey Smith has to play better and he needs to be more aggressive in making plays – he is at least better than he has shown
  • Special teams play with Jacoby’s fumble and the penalty on their field goal play let a lot to be desired



Game Predictions

Score:                   Ravens 27    Colts  30                                    13/20

Turnovers:           Plus 1

Rushing:               Ravens 123 yards/ Colts 83 yards                              90/117

Passing:                Ravens 241 yards/ Colts 328 yards                            197/305


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Marlon Brown gets 3 receptions for 50+ yards Nope, targeted twice but no receptions
  • Ravens secondary gets their first interception of the year Nope, but Ngata got his second of the year
  • The Colts will have 2 receivers over a hundred yards Nope, Hilton was the closest with 90 yards
  • Refs make terrible calls Apparently offensive line holding is no longer a penalty


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Red zone woes haunt Ravens
  • Luck’s final drive takes down the Ravens


Keys to the Game

  • Win the turn over battle Correct, but it didn’t feel like we won this stat
  • Force Luck off the spot and get him to the ground Nope, pressure was only present on a few plays and he had all day to throw
  • Execute in the red zone – don’t settle for field goals Nope, they couldn’t convert in the first half when they needed to


October 12, 2014 – Buccanears – Recap

The Ravens take care of business in a dominating performance on the road.  These kinds of game are rare for the Ravens especially on the road, but today they showed everyone the kind of offensive game plan they are capable of delivering.  Now we were facing the Bucs so I won’t go too over the top, but there was a lot to like in this game.  Flacco did a great job managing the game and looked sharp all day.  He only had 8 incompletions on the day and at least 2 or 3 of those were drops.  The Ravens still have some work to do in all facets of their game but this was clearly a big step in the right direction.  Other points on the game below:


  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans should be ashamed, they exited that stadium at half time like there was an Ebola outbreak
  • Considering that the Ravens played two rookies on the left side of the O line – you have to be impressed with pass protection
  • For those of you frustrated by Flacco’s slow starts, the 5 TDs in the first half should make you feel just a bit better
  • Congrats to Campanaro who gets his first NFL TD on his very first reception
  • Ravens defense gave up 364 yards on the day but somehow kept  them to just 17 points
  • Ravens held the Bucs to 2 of 12 on 3rd down conversions
  • The Ravens sack team came up big with 5 sacks, but they looked a little tired in the second half which gave Glennon time to throw
  • When Canty and Jernigan get healthy you have to think that we will  one of the tougher teams in the NFL to run against
  • Today was one of our worst days with the yellow flags (8 for 70 yards) – and the offensive line was responsible for more than half of them
  • No sacks today on Flacco which just goes to show you the damage that he can do when you keep him upright and give him time
  • Kubiak did a nice job with calling roll outs and moving the pocket especially with Eugene and Kelechi out with injuries
  • Getting Torrey involved in the game early and often was huge and will pay big dividends for the offense going forward
  • The Ravens secondary is still a soft spot and the addition of Dominique Franks this past week added nothing good to the squad



Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 24 Bucs 20 Ravens 48 Bucs 17
Turnovers Even Even
Rushing Yardage Ravens 124 Bucs 77 Ravens 169 Bucs 87
Passing Yardage Ravens 246 Bucs 227 Ravens 306 Bucs 277


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Pernell McFurious gets a sack                                                                       Correct!
  • Ravens secondary get their first interception of the season           Correct!  Jimmy Smith was the recipeint
  • When presented with a FG on 4th and one – they kick it                   Correct!
  • Refs make terrible calls                                                                                   Correct! The Ravens benefited from a PF call that was clearly a clean hit


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Lovie not feeling the love in Tampa
  • Smith brothers dominate the day                             Senior and Torrey combined for 9 catches, 161 yards and 3 TDs


Keys to the Game

  • Contain Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans                Sort of  – combined for 8 catches, 121 yards and 1 TD
  • Win the turnover battle                                                                  Even
  • Establish the ground game                                            35 attempts for 169 yards which is 4.8 yards per carry






October 19, 2014 – Falcons – Recap

The Ravens deliver their most dominating defensive performance of the year holding the 3rd ranked offense in the league to just 254 total yards and to just 7 points.  This game had the potential to be another 45 point game for the Ravens had a few things gone their way.  The Ravens absolutely man handled the Falcons and that is exactly what good teams do when they play inferior teams. The win today moves the Ravens to 5 and 2 which puts them in 1st place in the AFC North and positions them well as we head to the half-way point of the season.  The Ravens are getting better and when they get back to full health at some of their key positions they could be a very dangerous team down the stretch.  Other thoughts below:


  • Owen Daniels was 6 receptions for 58 yards and it seem to me that most of them were catches in key moments of the game
  • Pernell McPhee had 2 sacks today and is quietly emerging as one of the best lineman on this Ravens defensive line
  • The secondary looked much improved this week as Webb gets up to game speed and Will Hill comes back from his 6 game suspension
  • Hurst and  Urschel both looked bad at times today and Flacco was under pressure from the left side most of the day
  • If I was Dean Pees I might have my DBs do some work on the jugs machine, I think I counted 4 missed chances for interceptions
  • Hard to believe that we beat the Falcons by 22 points when you consider we were minus two in the turnover margin
  • Back to back games with 5 sacks is quite an accomplishment and one trend that I really hope continues
  • Really liked that the coaching staff had these guys ready to play as no one seemed to be complacent in their game effort
  • Ravens offense is showing good pass/rush balance which is creating good results
  • Jacoby Jones again muffed a punt and one has to wonder how much patience Harbaugh will show him in the future
  • Special teams kick coverage looked good today and seems to have improved since the beginning of the year
  • Flacco played well overall but the two picks really hurt as they were both when we were in scoring position
  • The O line really need to cut down on their penalties because they really hurt the momentum of your drives


Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 30 Falcons 20 Ravens 29 Falcons 7
Turnovers Plus 2 Minus 2
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 146 Falcons 93 Ravens 123 Falcons 68
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 288 Falcons 284 Ravens 248 Falcons 175


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Joe Cool connects for 3 TD passes Almost – Joe had 2 TD passes, but should have had 3 when Torrey dropped a slant pass
  • Suggs and Dumervil each get a sack on Ryan Correct!  Suggs had one for a safety and Dumervil had 2
  • Webb gets his first pick of the season Incorrect – but Webb had one in his hands that he should have caught
  • Refs make terrible calls                 Incorrect- overall called a pretty good game


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Ravens put an Aiken on the Falcons
  • Ravens sack pack is back on track


Keys to the Game

  • Control the clock and keep Ryan off the field Ravens TOP was 33:13 and defense held Falcons to 4 of 15 on 3rd down
  • Get pressure on Ryan – maximize hits and sacks Ryan was sacked 5 times and took several hits
  • Shut down run and force the Falcons to be one dimensional Falcons held to 68 net rushing yards and never got the run game on track

October 26, 2014 – Bengals – Recap

The Bengals showed today that they are the team to beat in the AFC North.  They beat the Ravens again in the final minutes of the game and showed they can handle the pressure of the late game heroics.  The defense was unable to contain the Bengals with the game on the line.  Today I learned something about the Bengals and that is as much as I like our defensive line, the truth is the Bengals offensive line is better and in key moments in that game they asserted their will on the Ravens defensive front.  The  Ravens have not beaten a team with a winning record this season so until they do we have to assume they are a work in process.  Other thoughts on the game below:


  • I really like that the Ravens can get first downs when it is 3rd and short, last year that would have been all but impossible
  • This kid Campanaro looks like he could be a nice addition to the receiving corps, too bad he hurt his hammy during the game
  • Dominique Franks must have been targeted 25 times and was shredded all day long – I can see now why they were able to get him cheap
  • Flacco was not sharp today, but the receivers didn’t help much as they didn’t get any separation or finish their routes
  • Suggs seems to be good for at least one off sides every game
  • The Bengals receivers were wide open all day and there times where they had 5 to 10 yards between them and the defenders
  • The secondary of the Ravens is in trouble if Smith is out for any length of time
  • Taliaferro had a couple nice runs and also showed some power in short yardage situations
  • I believe that the Bengals could have told us that Dalton was doing the sneak and we still couldn’t have stopped him
  • The Ravens got out coached today by Marvin and he had a game plan to deal with our defense
  • I like this kid Aiken but he is not quite ready for prime time and his drop in the end zone really hurt on 4th and short
  • Snanu is talented receiver and his catch at the start of the game will definitely make the highlight reels
  • I think that Jacoby has lost his mojo on kick returns and doesn’t seem to have the same speed and vision that he once had
  • Justin Tucker is having another fine year and is one of the best at his position



Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 20 Bengals 16 Ravens 24 Bengals 27
Turnovers Plus 1 Even
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 112 Bengals 79 Ravens 107 Bengals 111
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 271 Bengals 247 Ravens 187 Bengals 239


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Sack Pack will get 2 sacks on the Red Rocket                       Correct!  Suggs and Ngata each got one
  • Owen Daniels will have 6 receptions for 62 yards     Clearly I was the last to know about his knee surgery
  • Ravens will rush for 31 plays and pass for 34                        Close, 26 rushes and 35 passes
  • Refs make terrible calls                                              Ignored play in the secondary all game and then throw a flag at the end with the game on the line


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • The Ravens assert themselves in the AFC North
  • Bengals season slip sliding away


Keys to the Game

  • Contain the Bengals running game    Overall did a good job, but did get burned by the end around
  • Force some turnovers                                      Defense did generate two turnovers which helped us get back into it
  • Convert TDs when in the red zone     Nope, they had trouble their first couple trips in the red zone





November 3, 2014 – Steelers – Recap

With the loss in Pittsburgh the Ravens now take sole possession of last place in the AFC North.  9 games into this season the Ravens have still not produced a win against a team with a winning record.  Given the inconsistent offense and the terrible secondary – it is unlikely that they will.  In my humble opinion the most important player on the Ravens defense was Jimmy Smith and he is out.  The next man up philosophy works for almost every other position on this team except the corners.  The truth is we have no depth in the secondary.  Franks, Stewart, Brown, and Brooks are subpar football players and we are paying a dear price for the lack of depth in the secondary.  The Steelers beat us and they were clearly the better team yesterday. For a team that has struggled on defense, they were coached up and played their hearts out.  Dick Lebeau is a brilliant coach and he pulled all the right strings to tie up the Ravens offense.  I could probably give you 3 paragraphs of rant on how bad the officiating was last night but I will leave it to a few points below – but suffice it to say the NFL should be embarrassed at how bad it was.  I suspect that there is going to be a lot of soul searching at the Castle this week as they evaluate where they stand now that they are in the second half.  Other thoughts below:


  • How good was it to see Jacoby have a good game returning and to take one to the house
  • Ravens coaches got out coached on both sides of the ball and this has to be disconcerting to all involved
  • Collinsworth and Tirico must be on the Steeler payroll – they seem to show a lot of love to the Steelers
  • Eugene Monroe looked awful last night and he couldn’t block on his side to save his life
  • Our offensive line has a hard time picking up the 5+ rushers and they missed assignments all night long
  • 47 pass attempts and 17 rushes tells you the whole story – Over 40 pass attempts almost always means we lose
  • I thought Kubiak should have set more screens on them to keep them honest – but he didn’t do his first one in the 4th quarter
  • Torrey Smith had two missed opportunities in the end zone – I like the guy but he is never going to be a true number one receiver – average hands at best
  • The officiating was abominable!  Totally one sided with bad calls, missed calls and downright embarrassing.  I hope this crew gets benched this week.
  • Our defensive line was outstanding against the run and they played well side line to side line
  • Ravens need some guys to step up, especially in the secondary – each week we have pick opportunities that get dropped or bobbled
  • Turnovers are killing us this year and they seem to come at the worst possible time – and yesterday they were game changers
  • Special teams play was very good again this week and the new long snapper has held his own in his first two games


Game Predictions

Score:                  Ravens  20   Steelers24                 23/43

Turnovers:          Minus 2                                                                                Minus 1

Rushing:              Ravens 91 yards/ Steelers  95 yards                          63/55

Passing:               Ravens 229 yards/ Steelers 286 yards                      269/321


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • T-Sizzle gets 2 sacks and gets his 100 sack of his career                   Not a one
  • Antonio Brown leads all receivers with 7 receptions and 131 yards   He did with 11 receptions with 144 yards and 1 TD
  • Ravens Offensive line commits 5 penalties   Not sure on the number but there were movements, holding and PF penalties (many bogus)
  • Refs make terrible calls   Worst officiated game of the year – absolutely pathetic


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Ravens injured secondary gives up another big play in the final minutes TD pass to Spaeth, albeit the game was on ice
  • Big Ben on a roll 25 of 37 for 6 TDs was impressive


Keys to the Game

  • Get to Big Ben and get him to the turf Yes in the first half, not so much in the second half
  • Stop Le’Veon Bell and hold him to 3.5 yards per carry    Held Bell to 20 yards for an average of 2 yards per carry
  • Protect the Rock – Protect the Rock – Protect the Rock    Two turnovers that produced 14 points L



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