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November 15, 2015 – Jaguars – Recap

Congratulations to the Jacksonville Jaguars who get their first road win in two years, and I might add they got this one in stunning fashion.  The Ravens had one of their best defensive efforts of the year holding the Jags to 258 yards of total offense.  Bortles who has been lighting it up the past several weeks was held to just 168 net passing yards.  But bad teams find a way to lose and if you watched the end of this game then you know that the Ravens had to work hard to lose this one.  Looking at the past few minutes of the game you have to play the “what if” game.  What if Flacco gets the first down maintaining possession and then runs out the clock in victory formation – What if Kendrick Lewis makes that interception that was right in his arms – What if the clock runs out before the Jags get that last play-off – What if Dumervil doesn’t grab the face mask of Bortles and force an additional play for Myers to kick a 53 yarder.  If you can’t beat the Jags on your home turf in this situation it tells you a great deal about your team.  This season is a bust so the Ravens have to figure out exactly what it is they want to accomplish with the remaining games.   Other thoughts on the game below:


  • Asa Jackson committed two penalties on special teams which robbed the Ravens of excellent field position
  • Loved the pressure the Ravens got on Bortles in the first half but it was nonexistent in the 2nd half and Bortles lit them up
  • Aiken felt the pressure today and while he had 7 receptions – he was targeted 14 times and left a few plays on the field
  • The special teams had a bad game with costly penalties and a muffed punt which cost the Ravens dearly
  • Joe was solid today and made some great throws, but his fumble on the sack was a bone head play and inexcusable in that situation
  • Ravens tight ends were targeted 11 times with 11 catches for 117 yards – Hmmm, wonder if they should do more of that?
  • I am mystified why Joe continues to pass on 3rd and 4th down with short yardage and throws on this side of the chains – stop doing that!
  • Juice Box had a nice game with 5 catches and 47 yards and some nice YAK when he was in space
  • Penalties are  killing the Ravens!  Whatever they are saying the players is not working, perhaps they should start benching guys
  • Carl Davis who really looked like a nice pick early in the season has all but disappeared in recent weeks
  • Mosley had a nice game today and seemed to play with some fire in his belly – 8 tackles
  • The fact that the Ravens committed 4 turnovers and still should have won that game tells you how this season has gone
  • The Ravens secondary played much tighter on the receivers off the which was nice to see for a change
  • I was impressed with how fast the Jags were able to get to the line and snap the ball – something the Ravens struggle to do
  • Trestman might want to run the ball a bit more – 19 carries is not enough  – we should be closer to 25 per game
  • Forsett is having an unremarkable year – it might be time to give Buck some more carries to see what he can do
  • This just may be me – but I get the feeling that Flacco doesn’t play with same focus when he has the lead – he takes the foot off the pedal


Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 30 Jaguars 24 Ravens 20 Jaguars 22
Turnovers Even Minus 3
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 80 Jaguars 80 Ravens 89 Jaguars 90
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 288 Jaguars 278 Ravens 308 Jaguars 168



Miscellaneous Predictions

  • After not getting a turnover since week 3 – defense will get one Correct! Thanks to the Webby pick
  • Forsett and Allen struggle on the ground averaging a combined 2.9 ypc Combined for 72 yards averaging 3.8 ypc
  • Refs make terrible calls The Ref whistles always seem to go against the Ravens


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Ravens offense prevails in the 4th quarter
  • Givens has break out day versus Jags


Keys to the Game

  • Play clean and don’t let penalties hurt your game Nope, 9 penalties for 121 yards is flat out terrible
  • Contain the Jags Allen and Allen to under 140 yards Sort of, they accounted for 10 receptions for 123 yards and 2 TDs
  • Convert TDs in the red zone Correct, 3 TDs and no field goals


November 23, 2015 – Rams – Recap

To quote my opening line for this week’s update “Sometimes things just don’t go your way and certainly the Ravens 2015 campaign has been with wrought misfortunes”  – well the misfortunes continue.  Yesterday the Ravens grind out a win at home, but unfortunately lose their starting running back and franchise quarterback.  This is certainly a year to remember for all the wrong reasons, but losing Joe to a season ending injury ,who had 122 consecutive starts under center, takes the prize.  Ravens can now add two more to the already long list of injured reserved list.  I loved getting the win yesterday, but I generally found the game to be very frustrating.  I think the Ravens should have won by 10 at least against this Rams team.  Other thought on the game below:


  • Brandon Williams is an excellent nose guard and is one of the bright spots of this Ravens squad – he is a handful
  • These special teams penalties have got to stop – sadly the Ravens have too many low IQ players which is difficult to correct
  • Ravens commit 10 penalties for 137 yards – which is absolutely pathetic – enough already
  • Great to see the Ravens get 4 takeaways today, been a long time since we have seen one of these
  • Keenum got sacked by Jernigan & smacks his head to the turf – should have had to go through the concussion protocol – head scratcher if you ask me
  • How can the Ravens continue to not throw to the chains on 3rd down? These underneath throws are not getting it done.
  • Congrats to Upshaw yesterday – he showed up with a forced fumble and a recovery – 5 tackles and a sack
  • Buck Allen did a nice job in filling for Forsett yesterday and ran hard against a tough front four
  • Justin Tucker is proving to be somewhat unreliable in the 50 plus range – I hope he can correct this weakness
  • Forsett got body slammed on the play that broke his arm – if the Raven’s had done that it would have been an Unnecessary Roughness penalty
  • When Flacco does not throw off his back foot bad things happen and his two picks yesterday were just terrible and avoidable
  • The Rams offense is pretty bad, not trying to take away anything from the Ravens effort but Keenum was awful
  • Smith and Webb had some bone head plays yesterday – Smith’s flailing PI on the long pass, and Webby talking to a CB while ball is being snapped – L
  • It was refreshing to see the Ravens pass in the middle off these slant routes – where have these plays been all year?
  • Aiken had a nice game yesterday with 5 catches, a TD and I might add his down field blocking was awesome
  • Crocket had a huge day and is emerging as one of the key offensive weapons of this team
  • To Trestman – Never, I repeat never do that silly pitch out sweep play to the RB on 3rd down – horrible call
  • This is the worst year in the history of the NFL for officiating – absolutely no consistency and appears to be random at best
  • Eugene Monroe – is he soft or just unlucky – misses a lot of playing time and might miss more


Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 24 Rams 20 Ravens 16 Rams 13
Turnovers Minus 1                      Plus 2
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 89 Rams 115 Ravens 96 Rams 82
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 251 Rams 220 Ravens 292 Rams 131


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Ravens tight ends account for 2 of their 3 TDs Incorrect, but they did account for 8 receptions for 121 yards
  • One Ravens fumble is attributed to a bad snap from Urschel Incorrect, Urschel’s snaps were a non-issue
  • Refs make terrible calls Correct, I could write a separate report on the horrible calls beginning with the tripping call


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Ravens Win!!!
  • Ravens finally get a break! No pun intended but this one would have been brilliant


Keys to the Game

  • Protect the ball Incorrect, the two picks were costly
  • Establish the run game – 25 or more carries Correct, 28 carries and decent yardage considering the Rams tough run defense
  • Stop the run Correct, held Gurley to 66 yards and a 2.6 ypc average – well done Brandon Williams


December 1, 2015 – Browns – Recap

The Ravens win in spectacular fashion as they run back a blocked field goal attempt with time expiring.  Brent Urban who was just reactivated to the roster shows up big with a block on the FG.  For a guy who has missed the first two seasons with injuries it was nice to see him get some action and to contribute.  Will Hill, who was having an overall lack luster game comes up huge with the scoop and return – a true goat to hero kind of game for him.  The Ravens won this game and they grinded it out until the end but for the discerning eye there is still much to be concerned with in regards to this team.  When the biggest hit of the night comes from your place kicker – you know that you have some issues.  Schaub did an ok job managing the game but his “pick six” tendency showed up again and nearly cost us the game.  Did you know that Matt Schaub holds the NFL record with 4 consecutive games throwing a pick six?  Let’s hope that this trend does not continue.  Other thoughts on the game below:


  • Our pass coverage is pathetic, on one play Mosley and D. Smith are arguing over who should cover a receiver – then both decide to leave him uncovered
  • Special Teams had a huge day with two scores, but also had two penalties which hurt field position
  • Aiken had a nice day with 6 receptions for 80 yards but more importantly is proving to have reliable hands
  • The lack of pass rush is really hurting the Ravens and has to be one of the top priorities for this off season
  • Buck Allen is proving to be a good draft choice and he is effective as a receiver as well
  • There is a lot broken in our secondary, but one thing is clear this group cannot cover a tight end to save their lives
  • Our run blocking has been weak this year and we have way too many runs that are 0 to 1 yards which is disconcerting
  • The Cleveland Browns are a bad team and while they arguable played better than us could not close the deal when it counted
  • As far as I can tell, there is no one on in the Ravens secondary that plays the ball – all seem to be receiver chasers
  • Looking at the stats, not one Ravens linebacker had a pass defended – that tells you a lot
  • Jimmy Smith got burned for TDs early in the season and since then has chosen to give everyone the underneath reception
  • Mosley was really active last night and looked like he was running with the purpose to the ball all night long
  • I have been saying this all year long, but Brandon Williams is doing a great job in the middle and would get my Ravens MVP vote today
  • One benefit of being 3 and 7 – is it is easier to go for it on 4th and 1 or 4th and 2
  • The patch work offensive line did an ok job protecting Schaub but will have their hands full going down the stretch
  • It was nice seeing Terrance West in the game getting some action, and he protected the ball which is important
  • Ravens were 2 of 11 on 3rd down which makes you wonder what will happen when we face good teams like the Seahawks or the Bengals



Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 24 Browns 20 Ravens 33 Browns 27
Turnovers Plus 1 Minus 2
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 141 Browns 75 Ravens 104 Browns 63
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 240 Browns 260 Ravens 232 Browns 275


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Ravens RBs combine for 28 carries for 141 23 rushes for 104 yards
  • ESPN cameras are preoccupied with Johnny Football on the sidelines Correct, several cameo shots with both McCown and Davis
  • Crocket has a big day with 5 catches for 76 yards Incorrect, 3 receptions for 20 yards is not lighting it up
  • Refs make terrible calls Holding on the snapper – give me a break!


Possible Tuesday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Refs fail to steal this one from the Ravens
  • The Streak!!!  Ravens win another one!


Keys to the Game

  • Win the turnover battle Incorrect! But we did have three drops on potential INTs which has been the case this year
  • Pound the rock Sort of – I would think that they could have run more as in closer to 30 carries
  • Play clean and limit the penalties Incorrect, 7 penalties is still too much and 2 of them were first downs on 3rd and long

December 6, 2015 – Dolphins – Recap

The Ravens come up short again in another close game and unfortunately they could not pull another rabbit out their helmets.  There are lot of reasons that this game didn’t go our way but suffice it to say this is one game that the Ravens should have won.  The Dolphins are pretty bad team and Ravens really had the upper hand in terms of moving the ball, but they leave some key plays out there that cost the victory.  I do like how they fight and grind it out in these games but just wish they could catch a break or two.  Other thoughts on the game:

  • Buck Allen is proving to be a very effective RB for the Ravens and notched 170 total yards of offense
  • Defense held the Dolphins to 219 total yards at home none the less, and Tannehill had an anemic 86 net passing yards  – but we still lose
  • Suh is a dirty player and always seems to have an extra hit, bump or stomp after the whistle – can’t stand the guy
  • I would like to give a challenge to Jerry Rosberg to have his specials teams group play just one penalty free game before the year is out
  • 4th and foot – you just have to make that!  I actually think they got enough on that play but seriously your O line should show more pride
  • Wagner had a bad day and seem to miss assignments as twice guys came off the edge untouched – and did some damage
  • I love Tucker, but this year he is not at all reliable when kicking over 50 yards – I think is 2 of 8 this year
  • The O line got pushed around today and Schaub was under duress most of the afternoon
  • Schaub again deliver’s a pick six which does make you wonder what exactly is going on
  • Having watched Flacco for all these years, watching Schaub’s passes is like watching football in slow motion – just no zip in comparison
  • Ravens pass rush continues to be nonexistent and the front 4 do not get any quick pressures
  • I noticed Orr played a lot more snaps this week and I am just guessing that he replaces Upshaw who is pretty weak in pass coverage
  • I am guessing Harbaugh will be ridiculed for not taking the 3 points and going for it, but I think it was an ok call albeit we came up short
  • Free Safety Rashad Jones had 10 tackles for the Dolphins many of which were on running plays which shows you just how other teams respect our passing game
  • I hope one day that the league allows teams to challenge penalties on scoring plays because the one called against Brown was just terrible
  • Sam Koch has another quiet day doing a spectacular job with 5 punts averaging 53.4 yards per




Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 27 Dolphins 24 Ravens 13 Dolphins 15
Turnovers Plus 1 Minus 1
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 102 Dolphins 88 Ravens 94 Dolphins 137
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 261 Dolphins 297 Ravens 281 Dolphins 82


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Ravens commit 6 penalties for 68 yards 5 penalties for 38 yards
  • Aiken has 6 receptions for 72 yards and 1 TD 6 receptions for 48 yards
  • Dumervil gets a sack and a forced fumble Nope
  • Refs make terrible calls Correct!  The PI on Brown which negated a Ravens score was the most notable of the day


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Three in row!!!
  • Ravens pull another rabbit out of their helmets


Keys to the Game

  • Establish the running game and control the clock Correct, 25 rushed and TOP of 38:09
  • Pressure Tannehill and force some mistakes No mistakes but Tannehill played awful
  • Play smart and avoid stupid penalties For the Ravens they played ok but still special teams has way too many penalties
  • Win the turnover battle Nope, and the Dolphins scored all 15 points off of turnovers







December 13, 2015 – Seahawks – Recap

The Ravens got man handled at home and suffered their second worst home loss in franchise history.  I suspect that the Ravens players are feeling a bit embarrassed this afternoon losing so badly at home but I must say in their defense that they played with a lot of fight and just got beat by a superior team.  Clausen, all things considered did an ok job given his short time learning this team and the offense.  The Ravens will have to fight through these remaining games and do their best to compete and avoid the temptation to mail it in early.  Other thoughts on the game below:

  • Back breaking play of the game was Allen coughing up the ball on the 15 yards line with 40 seconds left in the half – if that doesn’t happen it is a one score game going into halftime
  • Play of the Game – Chris Matthews grabbing Sherman’s hair when he intercepted Clausen’s errant throw – and winging him to the ground
  • Aiken had 5 receptions for 90 yards today and did a great job looking back for the ball – his stock is rising as the season progresses
  • Butler too had a good game and came up with some nice catches and accumulated 72 yards on 7 receptions
  • Webby got his @#+ burned today and will have a very uncomfortable time in the film room when they look at this game – he got burned several times
  • Ravens are one of the worst discipline teams in the NFL and today got hit for 9 penalties for 94 yards – good teams don’t give that much away week over week
  • Our defensive line got pushed around today and did not defend the run well and put absolutely no pressure on Wilson
  • The offensive line could not run block at all today and were physically over matched as noted by Seahawks front 5 played most of the game on our side of the ball
  • Secondary played terrible and there were many missed assignments and receivers that were wide open that it makes you wonder –  one would think that the cornerback and defensive back coaches are on the bubble
  • I loved the drive that the Ravens executed right before the half with just 30 seconds on the clock to get 3 points – great play calls and great execution
  • One benefit of a lost season is you can take more liberties in playing new guys to see if they have what it takes to be NFL players – guys like Urban, Orr, Butler and others are getting more snaps as a result
  • What ever happened to Carl Davis?  Is he hurt?  Haven’t seen him in a while.
  • You can tell that Brandon Williams is playing hurt because he was not his disruptive today as he has been in past games
  • Is it me or does Max Williams always seem to get a least one movement penalty when he plays
  • Seattle was 8 for 12 on third down today which tells you how bad it was for the defense today


Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 10 Seahawks 31 Ravens 6 Seahawks 35
Turnovers Minus 3 Minus 1
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 51 Seahawks 142 Ravens 28 Seahawks 123
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 137 Seahawks 278 Ravens 274 Seahawks 301


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Wilson will have 4 rushes for 50+ yards and one TD Incorrect, just 6 yards on one carry
  • Schaub will continue his streak of rendering a “pick six” along with a fumble Incorrect, did not play which is no surprise to me given the opponent
  • Ravens will have a less than 200 yards of total offense Incorrect, would not have imagined that the Ravens would generate 274 yards in the air – somewhat impressive really
  • Refs make terrible calls Correct, the PF on Webby was a horrible call and missed holds on Dumervil continues week in and week out


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Ravens fall prey to the Hawks
  • Fans exit early as Ravens get clobbered


Keys to the Game

  • Move the chains and burn some clock Nope, 16 first downs on the day and 24 minutes of possession time is not getting it done
  • Run 40 times and shorten the game        Nope, 14 rushing attempts is what I call giving up on the run game
  • Protect Schaub Correct, the protection for Clausen was ok given the team and our make shift O line



December 20, 2015 – Chiefs – Recap

The Ravens lose again with the same basic story line that has haunted them in most games this season which is this – untimely penalties and costly turnovers.  In terms of yardage the Ravens outpaced the Chiefs by almost a 100 yards this afternoon, but the Ravens lost the turnover battle and that will almost always cost you the game.  There were some bright spots in this game and some good things to build on but clearly not enough to get this team in the win column – at least not for the duration of this season.  Other thoughts on the game below:


  • Jernigan’s PF on Smith was both stupid and costly – instead of punting the Chiefs get the first down, continue their drive and put up 7 points setting the tone for the afternoon
  • Aiken had a nice game with 8 catches, 128 yards and one TD
  • Take away the one 38 yard run by West and the Chiefs were only 2.77 yards per carry
  • Ravens defense had the Chiefs in 3rd and long situations all day long
  • Daniel Brown has been given a golden opportunity to prove himself with some playing time and in my opinion is blowing it big time
  • Za’Darius Smith is playing well (2 sacks) and you are starting to see him get more snaps week over week
  • On 4th and 9 from their own 17, Ravens try a run up the middle on a fake punt coming up 2 yards shy – I know it is a head scratcher but I don’t mind the call
  • Jimmy Smith injured his thigh in the first quarter chasing West into the end zone – seriously you can’t make this stuff up
  • There times when Jimmy Clausen throws the ball like Brett Favre and then on the next throw he looks like Aunt Eunice – very inconsistent chap
  • Play of the day – Clausen’s Hail Mary pass at the end of the first half to Aiken who brilliantly went up to snag the ball and then dash into the end zone
  • Hats off to the Ravens defense for running to the ball and getting some hats on these running backs and receivers
  • Clay is doing a very solid job on the return game and is getting some nice yardage on kickoffs
  • It is a little sad when 7 penalties for 63 yards is considered a good day for a Ravens team
  • Carl Davis was spotted today on the field – his play was unremarkable but he was at least seen
  • Kendrick , Daryl and CJ seemed to be all over the field today and between them represented almost half of the team’s tackles
  • Didn’t like the gold pants – hope I don’t ever have to see them play in them again


Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 17 Chiefs 27 Ravens 14 Chiefs 34
Turnovers Minus 2 Minus 3
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 79 Chiefs 131 Ravens 93 Chiefs 113
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 238 Chiefs 281 Ravens 273 Chiefs 164


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Chiefs will score 10 points off of turnovers Make that 14 points
  • Ravens defense will have another zero sack game Incorrect, they got 3 sacks on the day
  • Buck Allen will have over 100 all-purpose yards Incorrect, Buck coughed up the 12 minutes in and road the pine for the remainder of the day
  • Refs make terrible calls Correct, called Juicebox for movement when in fact it was Tamba who encroached


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Ravens tied for last in the AFC North
  • Beleaguered Ravens lose another one at home


Keys to the Game

  • Convert on 3rd downs                                                 Nope, 4 of 13 aint getting it done
  • Commit to the run  – 30+ carries Nope, only 20 carries which I think was a mistake as they were running effectively
  • Protect the QB whoever that happens to be this week O line did a pretty good job and gave him enough time to get passes off



December 27, 2015 – Steelers – Recap

On “Upset Sunday” the 10 ½  point underdog Ravens find a way to beat the talented Steelers.  In Baltimore, when you sweep the Steelers you can basically call it a successful season.  I salute John Harbaugh and the coaching staff in getting this team ready to compete and in putting together a game plan where they could succeed.  There were lots of folks worthy of a game ball today, but if I had one to give I would give my game ball to Mark Trestman in calling a game where the newly signed Ryan Mallett was able to play effectively.  The Steelers had so much on the line today and I am sure they were being told this was a must win, but the Ravens found a way to contain this Steelers offense.   No one in the world would have thought the Ravens could have won that game by scoring just 20 points.  Other thoughts on the game below:


  • Play of day, which set the tone for the afternoon, was stopping the Steelers on 4th and one – hats off to Daryl Smith on that play
  • 2nd Play of the day was watching Za’Darius Smith grabbing DeAngelo by the locks and pulling him down for a 2 yard loss
  • Scoring 7 on their first drive was huge and the pass to Matthews was outstanding and a perfect imitation of the Flacco – Boldin passes
  • 12 days after signing with the Ravens, Ryan Mallett looked sharp and composed in his debut in purple
  • Ravens O Line did a nice job protecting Mallett, but the penalties they amassed were horrendous – shame on Urschel who I think had two or three
  • Daryl Smith gets the first pick from a LB all season
  • Jimmy had an interesting day – One pick, one pick six called back, one picked dropped and two horrible PI penalties, but helped keep Brown, Bryant and H-Bey to 77 yards
  • Upshaw’s lining up in the neutral zone is unacceptable and cost us 6 points, but I do give him credit for fighting back and getting a sack later in the game
  • Ravens were 9 of 18 on 3rd down and the Steelers were just 2 of 8 – really amazing that it turned out that way
  • Tucker hits a 50 yarder finally – which was big!  Hopefully his fortunes will turn on the longer kicks now that he got that one.
  • Clay’s fair catch on the one punt where there wasn’t anyone in the same zip code was pretty bad, and overall he had a soft day in his returns – no speed in his returns
  • Webby did a great job in the slot and really provided tight coverage all day and his one tackle on D’Angelo on the screen play was brilliant as he threaded through the wall
  • Za’Darius Smith is turning into a pretty good football player and he reminds me a little of Adalius Thomas in his hay day
  • Great day for Buck Allen who played with a lot of heart today and protected the rock
  • When the players in our secondary learn how to play the ball instead of the receiver – it will be a great day for the Ravens
  • Great clock management from the Ravens today and the 34:20 time of possession really helped us get the win
  • CJ and Daryl were all over the field today and combined for 17 tackles
  • I thought that defensive line gave up a little too much on the run game but you can’t argue too much when your defense holds the Steelers to 303 total yards



Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 13 Steelers 38 Ravens 20 Steelers 17
Turnovers Minus 2 Minus 3
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 76 Steelers 122 Ravens 110 Steelers 121
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 256 Steelers 339 Ravens 265 Steelers 193



Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Ravens commit 3 personal fouls Incorrect, but they did commit 12 penalties for 121 yards
  • Antonio Brown leads all receivers with 13 receptions and 199 yards Incorrect, 7 catches for 61 yards
  • La’Darius Smith gets a sack Correct, and add 4 tackles and 2 assists to that stat line
  • Refs make terrible calls Not calling a PF on Harrison for the low hit on Mallet was bogus/Grounding call was suspect too


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • Ravens defense no match for Big Ben
  • Ravens lose road game at M&T


Keys to the Game

  • Get pressure on Ben Three sacks on the day and they kept him in the pocket
  • Establish the run game and set up the play action 31 rushing attempts which burned lots of clock and shortened the game
  • Win the turnover battle Finally!!!  See what happens when you win this stat



January 3, 2016 – Bengals – Recap

The Bengals complete the season sweep over the Ravens and also win their 5th straight as well.  As I expected, the Bengals kept the Ravens run game to just 55 net rushing yards and forced the Ravens to throw as Mallett recorded 56 attempts.  The Ravens played competitively today but in the end it was some of the same issues that have plagued them all year – turnovers, poor red zone execution, giving up big plays and untimely pass interference penalties.  With all that they still managed to keep this road game within reach which is saying something.   This is my last update for the season so I will wish you all a healthy and happy New Year and hope the best for you all in the coming year.  Other thoughts on the game below:


  • Bengals offensive line had pretty bad day in the penalty department and were a big part of the Bengals going 0 for 9 on 3rd down
  • Max Williams had 6 catches for 53 yards and shows some real grit – I like our 2016 outlook for tight ends when you add Crocket and Boyles
  • Bryden Trawick (same guy who injured Jacoby Jones) should have been credited with 2 tackles against his own man Clay – seriously BT has no body or field awareness – C’mon Man!
  • Lawrence Guy quietly put together a solid season and today had 5 tackles and 1.5 sacks
  • Pees needs to adjust his defensive formations on 4th and short as we again gave up a big running play with no one to contain Hill
  • Ravens held the Bengals to less than 300 yards and kept McCarron to under 150 yards
  • Tucker needs to work on his on sides kick technique – I have yet to see him kick a good one
  • Ravens O Line did a pretty good job with pass protection today containing that front 4, along with several 1 and 2 man blitzes
  • Mallett made some bad decisions today with some throws, but I do think we should keep him because he has a strong arm and can probably best imitate Flacco in terms of style
  • Note to Mallett – if you want to stay on the team don’t make it a habit to call out players on the field – keep your frustrations to yourself and handle them privately – just saying
  • Ravens receivers had a few dropsies today which we have not seen in a few weeks
  • Note to Jimmy Smith – if you are going to play 10 yards off the receiver you better learn to contain and tackle if they get the quick pass on the line of scrimmage – you got smoked twice today
  • Buck Allen played very tentatively in the second half and wasted way too much time looking for holes instead of plowing forward on some of them
  • Ravens run defense was pretty weak today and they gave up way to much space on the line of scrimmage
  • There were a few drop backs from McCarron where he had so much time to throw he actually had time to bend down and tie and shoe
  • Bengals secondary got away with a lot today and unfortunately they didn’t call any penalties on them until late in the game when they didn’t mean as much
  • Ravens had 4 receivers that got over 50 yards receiving today – a trend that I hope continues in 2016



Game Predictions Game Statistics
Score Ravens 17 Bengals 27 Ravens 16 Bengals 24
Turnovers Minus 2 Minus 2
Net Rushing Yardage Ravens 88 Bengals 119 Ravens 59 Bengals 145
Net Passing Yardage Ravens 271 Bengals 283 Ravens 282 Bengals 147


Miscellaneous Predictions

  • Daryl Smith leads all Ravens with 8 tackles                                                            Incorrect, actually Daryl guessed wrong on gaps all day and was man handled by the Bengals O line
  • AJ Green leads all receivers with 8 receptions for 111 yards and 1 TD       Incorrect, he was 4 catches for 34 yards & 1 TD / Aiken led all receivers with 76 yards
  • Dunlap drops Mallett twice                                                                                         Incorrect, created some hurries but recorded no sacks
  • Refs make terrible calls                                                                                                 Correct, among other gaffs they missed about 4 PI calls of which 2 of them were from Pac Man


Possible Monday morning headlines in the Sun Papers

  • AJ & AJ have a “Hay Day” in win over Ravens
  • Bengals complete sweep over Ravens


Keys to the Game

  • Contain the Bengals running game                                                          Nope, Bengals ran well all day and gained 145 yards averaging 5.4 ypc – ouch!
  • Protect the Rock                                                                                              Nope, 2 picks from Mallett – one of which set up a Bengals TD /  He really should have had at least 4 picks
  • Convert on 3rd down and move the chains – burn clock                  Success! Ravens were 12 of 20





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